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By: Susan Mack
on August 12, 2015

My kids love Dr. Sherwood and his whole office. We've been going there for 7 years (since my 10 year old had her first appointment) and my children both look forward to their dentist visits tremendously. I don't write very many Google reviews, but I wanted to say that my experience has been very different than some of the reviews above me. I've had good experiences with the staff. And there are a couple of complaints above that I'd like to address. Very specifically, you can be with your kids while they are getting a cleaning. It's only been in the last two visits that my 7 year old was ready to go in by herself, and I was with her every time until then. The hygienists were great with this. In fact, they let both of us come back and watch the older girl get her teeth cleaned to help my younger daughter not be anxious on her first visit. They do suggest letting kids go on their own, because it builds their relationship with the kids and sends the message that they should take charge of their own teeth, not just rely on their parents to tell them when to do it. I totally support this. Also, I have refused X-rays and they followed my wishes. They did have discussions with me about why I was refusing them so I could make an intelligent choice, but they have never done anything to my kids' teeth that I have not agreed to. I will even say, they've avoided doing extra things to my kids' teeth. One of my daughters was having early signs of a cavity. Instead of putting a filling in a baby tooth, they gave us a special toothpaste that has helped keep it from growing into a problem. They try to be as non-invasive as possible in the work that they do and think about how to keep teeth healthy into adulthood. Generally, I've found that everyone in the office has been pretty sensitive to my kids' needs. And, in the end, my kids are excited about going to the dentist. I think that's worth posting about.

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