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Alberto Malacarne, BDS

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Verified Patient Reviews

by Lynne LaForce On 29 January 2018

Dr. Swaroop was not informative about exactly what he was going to do. I had a very invasive procedure. I have since received 2 opinions from oral surgeons that said they would not and have not ever done that procedure. I now do not have enough jaw bone to have an implant. I ended up with an infection and feel the instruments they used were not sterile. I only wanted one implant where a tooth was just pulled, not two implants. No communication on what the patient wanted. I told him I did not want two implants and that I just needed one tooth to chew on that side. I am still having a hard time trying to get a partial denture for that side because of a lack of jaw bone.

by Mark N. Taylor On 30 September 2017

All the problems with my mouth were thoughtfully and carefully considered, then a plan was made to do the repairs .

by Monica D. On 20 September 2017

Well I can say that I had my first visit with this place and it was fast, easy, and the soon to become doctors explained everything to me without attitude or rudness I will be coming again. from the Women at the front desk to the Doctors I had a good experience here the only reason I gave 3 stars its because I havnt got anything pulled out jet so can talk unon a non experience. But everything else was awesome.

by Barbara Stead On 3 July 2017

Can't get any information, or even basic politeness from anyone on any of the phones the transferred me to. Dental emergency? TUFTS WILL NOT HELP YOU. If you can't afford anywhere else, you're better off asking YouTube to teach you to drain an abcess and pull a tooth.

by Newton Sewing Studio On 15 May 2017

I HATE this place. I needed a root canal back in October. It's May now and I just went for my 14th appointment. Keep in mind that to get the root canal you have to suffer through anything else they deem necessary. I had one additional cavity and a small chip on a front tooth both had to be done first. Today I went for another cleaning that "had" to be done and after all the excessive waiting for instructors to check off procedures we didn't even get to the cleaning. Are you kidding me? 3 hours isn't enough time to get some teeth cleaned?? I used to like going to the dentist, now I have nightmares, really bad ones. Thanks Tufts, you're so awesome! I still have two appointments (multiply that by 3) before the end of this hell but at this point I'm considering just cutting my losses and getting this fixed by a real dentist. I've been living with most of my tooth missing for so long now. I feel like crying. Don't go here, just don't. If you don't believe me then read some more reviews. They all sound spot on, I wish I had read here first.

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