Dr. David McWhinnie III, DDS

Dr. David McWhinnie III, DDS

General Dentistry in Skokie, IL

5001 Oakton St,
Skokie, IL 60077
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9.9 out of 10

Verified Patient Reviews

by Tosha Wilson On 27 February 8870

Been with them for years. I refuse to go anywhere else.

by Sue On 18 April 2017

Dr. Dave is TOP of the Line as they Get. He cares about his patients, follow's up to make sure all is well. Communication is top notch. Staff Outstanding. I would Recommend Dr. McWhinnie 100%. He very thorough, explains everything so you understands and makes sure your out of pain!! I can't thank him enough for his professionalism and kindness. One of the most honest men you will find in the business. Thank you so much Dr. Dave see you in 6 months Sue Calhoun

by Sara K. On 22 December 2016

Best dentist (and team) around.... I have extremely sensitive teeth and get very anxious about dentist appointments.... I'm telling you, these guys are THE...

by Jessica Y. On 22 December 2016

Really nice dental office. They have an amazing deal for first-time clients - $99 for x-rays and cleaning! The receptionist Karen is very sweet, as is the...

by Jessica Y. On 17 December 2015

Really nice dental office. They have an amazing deal for first-time clients - $99 for x-rays and cleaning! The receptionist Karen is very sweet, as is the rest of the staff. Dr McWhinnie is friendly and thorough, I have zero complaints about my experience.

by Sara K. On 16 October 2015

Best dentist (and team) around.... I have extremely sensitive teeth and get very anxious about dentist appointments.... I'm telling you, these guys are THE BEST. They are honest and caring. When they say they will do their best to be gentle and try to make it not hurt... they aren't lying... they really do try to make it as comfortable as possible. They are the ONLY people I want touching my teeth, I wanted to cry when Dr. Dave said he couldn't pull my wisdom teeth! Dr McWhinnie is so gentle and I can trust him to make all the right decisions for my smile! He is so personable too which is comforting. He is a dentist that I can TRUST and he does an outstanding job.... nothing beats that! Michelle is the hygienist and she is amazing as well! She takes her time, she makes sure everything is done right and makes it as easy as possible for you. I have a really hard time taking xrays and she went out of her way to help distract me and get them done, I couldn't have done them without her! I can not recommend Smiles of Skokie enough, it is a safe and friendly environment and since my first appointment there I knew I never had to look for another dentist again.

by Adam W. On 17 September 2014

I have Aetna DMO (which is a HORRIBLE plan because it seems that only really sketchy dentists accept that type of insurance around Chicago) and had a horrible(!) experience at another dentist in Skokie. After that, I got a recommendation from a friend (whose father and father-in-law were both dentists) to check out Dr. Dave McWhinnie at Smiles of Skokie. I am so glad that I went here. The office staff and hygienists were all super friendly. After visiting way too many sketchy dentist offices in strip malls around Chicago, their office and facilities were a breath of fresh air. New equipment, bright exam rooms and nice decorations. Dr. Dave is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and really does talk you through each step of the exam and appointment. He wants to make sure you don't feel any pain at all. I had one dentist who attempted to numb me with anesthetic 3 different times, and I could still feel the drill. Dr. Dave did it once and I was good and numb in no time - didn't feel a thing. Finding a dentist you like and trust is incredibly difficult, I think. But I can assure you that if you go and check out Dr. Dave at Smiles of Skokie - your search will be over. Hope your experience is as good as mine was.

by Miss D. On 13 February 2012

We call him "Dr. Happy Hands" because of his habit of giving the thumbs up. He is a super nice guy, he tells you what he is going to do every step of the way. In fact, he kind of talks more than normal explaining, and then explaining again. He doesn't do "extra" procedures just to rack up the charges but he does talk to you about your options. I appreciated that. I did go in for a filling in my back tooth once and had a bad experience with the novacain where I couldnt open my jaw completely for 6 weeks. But all my research shows that is a really UBER rare occurrence and just happened to be where the needle went it. He felt so bad about it too when i told him. He did a few of my crowns and was available for emergency when an old one that he didn't do originally cracked and came out. He fixed it really well. The staff is very very nice, although his dental assistants dont speak english very well and seem a little incompetent at times, (he has to ask them more than once for items) But his receptionist is SUPER SUPER nice. And they have great mouthwash in the bathroom!

by A Google User On 10 December 2011

Dr. Dave is a dentist's dentist..literally! I am a dentist in the area and Dr Dave has been taking great care of me for many years. A few years ago I asked him to make porcelain veneers for my worn front teeth. They turned out gorgeous and I've been smiling confidently ever since. It has also helped me to explain first hand, to my patients, how easy and comfortable the procedure really is . When I show them my smile, they cant believe they're veneers because they look so natural. Many thanks for your good care, Dave!

by A Google User On 7 September 2011

Dr. McWhinnie is kind and gentle, and is very knowledgeable in the latest procedures and practices. Our family loves him!

by Heather Dennis Collins

Our family won't go anywhere else. The dental care is excellent. The staff is knowledgeable, accommodating and thoughtful. I appreciate that both my daughter and I are able to schedule cleanings at the same time. Whenever I have had an emergency I receive a call back quickly, and have been able to get in the same day. Plus there is never a wait.

by Mike Morales

Professional and experts at dentistry. Doctor Dave McWhinnie of Owner/Dentist at "Smiles of Skokie" General & Cosmetic Dental Practice and his staff is very caring, very careful and precise. I highly recommend Dr. McWhinnie and his staff!

by Ross Mathee

Very professional and great people. They treat each patient with care and compassion.

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