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General Dentistry Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Chipped Tooth Dental Disorders Tooth Discoloration Toothache Cavity Gingivitis Grinding of Teeth Gum Disease TMJ Tooth Abrasion Tooth Abscess Tooth Decay Tooth Loss Tooth Demineralization Tempormandibular Joint Pain Dental Injury Misaligned Teeth Tooth Attrition Mouth Conditions Stained Teeth Sensitive Teeth Canker Sore Abscess Broken Tooth Halitosis Loose Teeth Tooth Damage Receding Gums Swollen Gums Tender Gums Clicking of Temporomandibular Joint Plaque Bad Taste in Mouth Tooth Malformation


Dental Bonding Dental Bridge Dental Crown Denture Repair Lower Dentures Porcelain Veneers Restoration of Dental Implants Teeth Whitening Upper Dentures Composite Fillings Dental Inlays Dental Onlay Root Canal Root Planing Simple Tooth Extractions Teeth Scaling Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning Dental Hygiene Services Dental Implant Abscess Incision and Drainage Cosmetic Procedure Amalgam Dental Fillings Teeth Extraction Dental Cleaning Non-Surgical Gum Treatment Tooth-Conserving Dentistry



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By: sarayale
on September 9, 2022

I had two wisdom teeth extracted at Dr. Gashinsky\'s office by Dr. Chen. No complications--and hardly any pain during or after procedure. I think he is careful and professional and experienced. I would use him again if I had to have a tooth extracted. He uses holistic protocols like ozone and prf--which they say helps the healing very much. I took it easy after the extractions to be on the safe side but everything was fine.

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