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DI Rating 9.5


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By: Catherine G.
on December 22, 2016

I bring my preschooler here for her cleanings and we LOVE Joann. She is so good with kids and she makes the experience calm and fun for them. My daughter...

DI Rating 9.6


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Patient Reviews

By: Maryann Zawieruszynski
on February 27, 2015

My name is Maryann and for the last five years I have been the Fixodent Queen. I had a lower partial denture that was always loose. I couldn't eat a complete meal without the partial coming loose. Going out to dinner with friends was a nightmare. I'd have to stop and reapply Fixodent at least once and sometimes twice during the meal. Everyone would be finished and I'd still have a plate of now cold food. I was so frustrated. So, I decided to research my problem to see if there was another option. I read about snap-on dentures. I searched further and found an expert in dental implant surgery. His name is Dr. Tubo and his office is in Whitinsville, MA. I made an appointment with Dr. Tubo. I explained my problem and Dr. Tubo said he could help. The first step was a Cone Beam-3D-X-ray. This x-ray is downloaded to a computer where you and Dr. Tubo discuss the implant procedure. This also enables Dr. Tubo to rehearse the surgery before he performs it on you. I am also a very anxious dental patient. Dr. Tubo prescribed a sedative to be taken the night before and another one to be taken right before implant surgery. If you choose this you will need a ride to and from your appointment. The whole procedure took a little over an hour. I felt fine after the surgery and the pain was minimal. The implants are allowed time to heal with the bone so the foundation is strong. The Big Day arrived - everything looked and felt great and I was ready to snap on the denture. I cannot tell you how incredible this is. It is a secure fit, the denture does not move. I was skeptical that two implants in the front of my mouth would hold the denture secure in the back. It does, it is amazing. After I snapped in my denture, I was told to go eat a steak. Next stop was to order a large steak and cheese sub. Here was the big test ----- the lower denture never moved. It was beyond all my expectations. I've worn my snap on denture for a month now and I love it. Dr. Tubo also created an upper denture for me. This denture has cosmetically improved my smile while smoothing out some wrinkles. I highly recommend Dr. Tubo for anyone thinking of implant surgery. Dr. Tubo's office is friendly and full of laughter between patients and staff. The implants have been life changing for me. I don't have to carry around tubes of Fixodent anymore. The one regret I have is that I didn't do this sooner. If you are considering implant surgery or are suffering with a lower denture call Dr. Tubo. He is the best!!!!!!!!

DI Rating 5.9


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Patient Reviews

By: Svetlana Orlova
on March 20, 2017

I have been looking for a dentist for some time and was very lucky to find Dr. Benjamin Tubo! He is very professional and sensitive to the patient\'s needs. He was very supportive and comforting. But most important was the amazing quality of his work! I had a crown, a composed tooth and implant done by him. Also the staff is amazing as well. They make you feel like a part of the family. He gave me my smile back for which I am very thankful and very happy.

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