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By: A Google User
on August 9, 2009

I am very disappointed to have to write this review, but after giving it a great deal of consideration, I feel like I need to warn others. Our daughter had an accident which resulted in the loss of one of her front teeth. When she was two, she received a space maintainer (a bridge with a fake tooth, basically), which was cemented into her mouth. This was done at another dentist in another state, and the making of the molds required to make the bridge was terrifying for our toddler. Therefore, she developed quite a fear of dentists. The same previous dentist would actually give our daughter mild sedation in order to do cleanings and such, because her anxiety was so great. When we found Dr. Tiberia, I let her know that our older son was fine and fearless but that our daughter had bad experiences and was very nervous. I felt her no-nonsense, VERY firm attitude was okay.... yet a bit more abrasive than I liked. However, I understood that my daughter frequently over-reacted, the office staff seemed friendly, and my daughter behaved herself during the cleanings with Dr. Tiberas firm redirection and without the need for sedation. In fact, at our last visit, my daughter (age 6) had decided that she was "big" and wanted to go back by herself like her brother. BIG MISTAKE on my part! Apparently, Dr. Tiberia had decided that it was time for the space maintainer to be removed. I heard my daughters LOUD crying, and I got up and headed for the door to where the offices were. At the same time, an assistant had come out to get me. Dr. Tiberia was speaking VERY harshly to my daughter, telling her that she was being "a baby"! HELLO! My daughter has had the fake tooth since she was TWO. She was then SIX. She had that tooth as long as she could remember! When she was told the fake tooth was going to come out, my daughter thought it was going to be PULLED! My little girl had NO idea that it was not going to hurt! And to have her fears pooh-poohed and to be called names on top of that? Totally inappropriate!!! I told my daughter that it was not going to hurt her, I did my best to calm her down so we could get done and get out of there, and I apologized for my daughters carrying on while also mentioning several times that she had that tooth since she was a toddler and that she had NO idea that removal of the tooth would not be painful. I kept expecting some sort of acknowledgement that my daughter was not just being a brat, but that she was actually terrified for good reason! That never happened. I called the office to ask for my childrens records to be sent to the new (and WONDERFUL) dentist we had found, and I cancelled my sons upcoming appointment. When the office staff asked why, I told her that my daughter had just had a terrible experience with Dr. Tiberia, and we would not be back to the practice. I expected her to ask me why. She did not. That was surprising and very disappointing. One would think that this would be a natural question to ask if they cared. I was VERY angry about the way my daughter was treated. Granted, there are times when children simply must be told to "buck up, little camper" and not act immaturely for something as harmless as a cleaning. However, in this case, my daughter was not explained what was happening and why the removal of "her tooth" would not hurt. It was handled horribly! At the time, I wanted to write a letter to the office explaining why we left. My husband said to me, "Honey... do you think a practice that would do that to our daughter will really care?" However, I do think it is important to let the public know. If your child is not afraid, they will be just fine at this office. However, if you have a child with TRUE anxiety (not just ill mannered or spoiled -- because I have seen those in that office, too -- and you really do have to work on that at home!), then this is not the place for you.

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