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How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Shige Wo
on March 20, 2015

Went in for a routine teeth cleaning. This was my first time at this dentist office. They did a free exam after cleaning and said I have a few small cavities. I told them I never felt anything. They said when you feel it it's too late, and urged me to schedule another appointment to fill them. I was hesitant but they make you feel if you don't fill them you are irresponsible and it's the end of the world. well ok, I agreed. a week later, went in again and they said they have to do a X-ray. Well didn't you guys say you can see the mammoth cavities with your naked eyes? No no, they have to make sure the cavities aren't deep enough for a root canal. well, ok, since my insurance covers it, I went ahead with the X-ray. The inept nurse forgot to properly record the x-ray results in the computer so I had to go through x-ray twice, double dose of radiation. Bad luck! Or, maybe it's just stupid nurse? After this, I was having bad feelings about this dentist office, full of inept people. But, I hate to go through the whole thing again at another dentist so I went ahead with a new scheduled appointment to actually fill a cavity. Why can't do it after the x-ray? well, they said they have to call NASA to analyse the result, and maybe find some alien life on this new teeth. It all takes time.(The more times you visit, the more your insurance pays them). Then a few weeks later, I finally went there for a 3rd time to get one tooth filled. Dr. Flores looks like asian. She insisted that I must use nitric oxide or the pain would be unbearable. I said I'm pretty good at dealing with pain but she wouldn't perform the procedure without me taking the laughing gas. I guess my insurance has to shell out a little bit more. The whole procedure was ok, I barely felt anything. But after the procedure, I felt that tooth now kinda painful. Used to feel nothing at all but after she filled the phantom cavity I now feel bad. Confronted her with that and she's visibly pissed, saying she's followed the standard procedure and all other dentists would have done the same. Really? I went to my old dentist just 6 months ago he didn't say I have cavities. Well he probably wasn't careful enough Dr. flores declared. She's behaving like she invented dentistry. Anyway, now I have a bad tooth that constantly gives me discomfort. All because this hungry dentist needs to extract a little more bit of profit from the insurance company. I have a word for this dental practice: F R A U D!

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