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on April 12, 2023

Dr Haska saw my 4 yr old a few weeks ago. She told me she wanted to place 8 crowns on her molars under general anesthesia at the hospital and I received a quote for approx 12k. The next week I requested the X-rays and was sent blurry thumbnail-sized images. I called back the following morning and they didn’t answer my call so I came to the office in-person. When I asked for the original quote I was told they misquoted me and the new quote was approx 4k. They gave me larger xray images that were still very blurry and I sent them to several dentists who said based on the X-rays they couldn’t make a case for a single crown. They recommended I seek a second opinion. My child was seen by another dentist who told me she needs one small filling and it was an simple in-office procedure that didn’t even require novocaine. I am so happy I listened to my gut and sought a second opinion. General anesthesia and 8 crowns is quite a discrepancy from 1 small filling. Makes me feel nauseous.

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