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Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Kelcey Lau, DDS

BEWARE!!!!! I normally do not write reviews even if I receive poor or excellent service. But I could not let this one slip by Being a Christian Man, I wanted to find a Christian Dentist in the Temecula area due to a bad experience I had with 2 previous dental offices. I discovered Dr Lau in Temecula who advertises a Christian symbol on his window and business stationary. I thought I was in good hands. I fell to realize some Christian people still have unresolved issues like holding grudges on their patients who miss appointments. I am a Life insurance agent with a very hectic daily commute to Los Angeles. My office mistakenly made 5 appointment for me on the same day I had a dental appointment with Dr Lau. I was so distracted with this last-minute update and forgot to call Dr Lau office to reschedule which I have done so in the past. This happens to all of us right. I received a call from his receptionist Chris who was very rude and replied Dr Lau is upset at you because you missed your appointment and you left him waiting for you. I tried explaining what happened with my last-minute schedule update and that it was not intentional. The next day, I even made a personal appearance in their office and looked Dr Lau in the eye and told him I apologized and told him it was not intentional. I was able to reschedule my appointment for 3 weeks later. I was advised prior to my appointment that one of my Molar rear teeth had and infection/bacteria and it needed a deep root to the bone cleaning and a new crown. Before being numbed with a local anesthetic, I ask the Dr to do another Xray to be sure. He assured me He was able to repair my tooth. During the procedure I heard some loud grinding noise and did not realize he was griding my tooth away completely without my knowledge or consent. When he finished sawing my tooth away, I ask where my crown, he replied your tooth was cracked, and I was unable to save it. He then gave me a referral to his oral surgeon to have the tooth extracted. I was totally lost for words. Afte leaving his office, I replied how much do I owe you for that, He and receptionist relied nothing. I replied, I at least fill good about that, HE REPLIED AT LEAST YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO FILL GOOD ABOUT. How rude. Not something you would expect from a so called Christian dental health care provider. BEWARRE OF DENTIST WHO HIDE YOUR XRAYS BEHIND YOU WHEN SIITING IN THIER CHAIR. While walking out the door he replied, you did not have an infection in that tooth just a cavity..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

F. Perry

I feel safe and secure when I see Dr. Perry. I am one of those people who is so scared to go to the dentist... not any more! The entire office is awesome!.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

F. Perry

Never use dentists much due to good genetics. However I had a small filling drop out and Dr Perry announced I really needed a crown. Cost? $1700. I insisted on having the filling replaced. $333. In the process of drilling Dr Perry slipped and cut my tongue. Could not eat solid foods thereafter for three days. The next day I went for a tooth cleaning $99. Job well done but she declared I needed to come back to finish the job at another $99. During the procedure Dr Perry came in to apologise for the slip up. Jokingly he offered I hit him. By email I politely suggested a bill adjustment would have been more appropriate. I thought a free cleaning would be nice. I got offered 10% or $30 discount for my pains. I cancelled all my other appointments never to return.To be fair everyone was otherwise friendly although very busy. The insult of $30 discount on prices that already exceed anyone else’s was the last straw. Well I guess they don’t need the business..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

K Pat Brown, DDS

Everyone goes to him I work in the same building as Dr. Brown, and nearly everyone in my office goes to him for dental care. As the new person at work, it was only obvious that I too visit Dr. Brown, even though I had the same dental provider for most of my life back in Chicago. I'm happy to report that Dr. Brown made the move to Tulare much easier, as he provides excellent care. He was especially considerate of a crown that I had placed in my mouth nearly three years ago, and made sure to evaluate it to ensure it's lasting health..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

K Pat Brown, DDS

What I Expect Before I moved to Temecula, I had been going to the same dentist for my entire life. I assumed that the care I was receiving was sufficient, as it was all that I was used to. However, after meeting with Dr. K. Pat Brown, I now realized just how much I was missing out on. My gums and teeth feel much better, and I've had less in the way of dental work needed. My old dentist was great, but Dr. Brown definitely sets the mark for what I expect for dental care in the future..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

K Pat Brown, DDS

Special Day I wanted to look beautiful in my wedding photos, but I was embarrassed by the look of my teeth. I met with Dr. K. Pat Brown thinking that I'd get dental veneers, but I was surprised when he told me that it wasn't necessary. Instead, he showed me just how much of a difference teeth whitening could make. Not only did I save a lot of money, but my teeth could make. Not only did I save a lot of money, but my teeth still looked amazing when it came photo time on that special day..

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