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1012 8th Ave S,
surfside beach, SC 29575
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By: Brokerblogger Bill
on November 18, 2009

While a nice lady in the waiting room said she liked Dr. Cox for 30 years, I found it curious why I had a hard time getting prices when his prices were about average. He said he was selling "professional services". I guess he thinks that consumers should not ask prices for "professional services"? I had a wisdom tooth pulled by him in Nov. 2009 that had four roots, and another dentist said they can have up to six, so it wasn't unusual as Dr. Cox implied. It bleed for eight hours until I put a teabag on it. What I don't understand is why he would not show me the pulled tooth? He said it was in a small plastic bag in the garbage, and did not want to take it out to show me for some reason? But, the thing that I did not care for is when he put the swab of topical anesthetic on my gums prior to the injection/extraction, I pointed out that it was in the wrong place. He said that I must have moved it when I was talking to him. I know for sure that I did not move it when I was talking, as I would have felt it move if it did. I decided to go to another dentist who wound up educating me better with shorter, slower, and clearer communication.

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