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DI Rating 10


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Paula H.
on May 22, 2019

Both Dr. Glass and Dr. Edgar are great dentists. I first went to Advanced Dentistry for Invisalign because I noticed I was starting to have a cross bite. Dr. Glass easily could have just treated me for that but instead he referred me to a TMJ specialist, which I had actually been needing for years but had always been told there was no such thing (that TMJ specialist has now finally given me no jaw pain for the first time in about 15-17 years). Dr. Glass didn't even charge me for the x-rays and exam that day, I'm guessing insurance covered it but I've also never not paid something when visiting the dentist. Madalyn is a great dental hygienist. I don't usually like when a hygienist makes conversation, but she was just so nice and held great conversation. She scolded me for my flossing in the just the right way. I also like that they have TVs for my enjoyment during cleanings and that I can choose what to watch. Also, I like that Madalyn did the X-rays, the cleaning, and a preliminary exam before the doctor came into the room, and that the doctor trusted her evaluation. It's a great team dynamic. Dr. Edgar has a great personality and holds good conversation while waiting for anesthesia to kick in. He was very considerate about my TMJ and took a break between fillings in case I was in too much pain. The last time I had fillings (different dentist), as I have awful teeth, I had such a bad migraine and my jaw hurt bad that I was pretty useless the rest of the day. However, after having 3 cavities taken care of today by Dr. Edgar, I was pleasantly surprised that my jaw was not near as sore as I was expecting, even after the anesthesia wore off completely hours later. I really enjoyed Judy who assisted during my fillings, and never made me feel like I had any silly or annoying demands when I asked for something to adjusted, and we enjoyed an episode of Friends together while on my TMJ break. Always trust another Friends appreciator. I hope she assists in my future fillings. Christina, the office manager who also gives the cost estimates is amazing and has great communication. I like that she overestimated, and explained that the original cost estimate was possibly an over estimate as some of my fillings included prices for crowns but might only require normal fillings. She confirmed that I could have nitrous to help relax me but wouldn't be covered by insurance and many many many more questions, and never made me feel like a bother.  They do accept a primary and secondary insurance, which a friend told me not all dental offices do.

DI Rating 8.9


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Nicola B.
on December 22, 2016

I love this practice, clean, on time, flexible, friendly. The front office management (Christina and Heather) are the sweetest!!!!!!!!!! Madalyn is my...

DI Rating 5.9


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: HD
on July 31, 2018

Really nice man who takes the time to do a wonderful job. I will definitely be visiting him again!

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