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By: Inga K.
on October 5, 2017

I have dealt with this office off and on for a couple of years now. I originally came here because my dentist wasn't comfortable dealing with such a young child who needed so much dental work including extractions. My first impression was great, the doctor was as sweet as could be, said a prayer before working on her and the office is beautiful including little televisions for the children to watch while their teeth are being worked on. The first problem I experienced was the doctor telling me that my daughter needed a spacer for a tooth that she had removed so her teeth would grow in the right way.  I have been down this road before and know that they do not stay in, she could pull them out with her fingers, so I was very adamant when explaining to the dentist that I did not want it unless it was $0 out-of-pocket for me. They ordered it anyway and then tried to make me pay hundreds of dollars. Finally that got resolved and I really haven't gone there much over the years and have opted to take her for routine cleanings to my dentist. Recently I have taken her there after being hounded multiple times over and over to bring her in for a cleaning. The doctors bedside manner in explaining to my daughter why she should brush her teeth was inexcusable. She compared "going poo poo" and not wiping to what her mouth would smell like if she didn't brush her teeth. OMG! Really!?! That was the most disgusting explanation of why a child should brush her teeth that I've ever heard in my 44 years of life and by far totally inappropriate. This office rarely has an appointment available outside of school hours and the doctor prefers you to come multiple visits unless you opt for nitrous oxide which is $100 charge out of your pocket. The last time I was there my daughter had three cavities filled. Shortly after she complained of pain while eating. I took her back in to have them adjusted and the doctor acted as if my daughter was lying. She made a few adjustments we came home and my daughter is still complaining of pain. Unable to get an appointment for over 3 weeks outside of school time, I am going to take her to my dentist and will never return to this office in the future. I think if you have a child with major dental issues who requires laughing gas this place might be good for you, but if it's just routine cleanings and x-rays, any regular dentist would do.

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