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34 Railroad Ave,
South Hamilton, MA 1982
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By: Roland Reale
on February 26, 2015

I am writing this review early on, as I have only had one initial visit for exam, x-rays, and consultation with Dr. Lisa Murray. I may update in the future, but right now I'm motivated to leave this very positive review because I was very impressed with her.. After a lifetime of going to the dentist about every 4-6 months, we fell on some hard times and the dentist had to take a back seat for approx. 10 years! My dental condition is not good and I'm looking at a lot of expensive work, but needed to find a dentist to get established with that I liked and who would work with me as I need to pay cash and pretty much live week to week. I currently live in Ipswich and didn't want to travel very far. This office is right by the train tracks off Rt. 1A in S. Hamilton. Dr. Murray is very kind, personable and caring, and I can't stress the importance of this enough-thorough. More thorough than I've ever encountered any dentist to be. I only waited about 10 mi. to see her and during that time could overhear a lot of her very friendly interactions with patients. When it was my turn to have time with her I liked her right away-very impressed. I feel sure that she is someone I can continue with indefinitely with comfort. She does not offer sedation dentistry like I was hoping for-nitrous oxide, but I think she will be gentle and I won't have as much anxiety as I anticipated. I have appts. set up for work to be done, and after talking with her I don't feel as nervous as I did before about going back to have procedures done. I would sy the only drawback to this office is the hours , which will be very inconvenient for many people. I'd like to have my husband switch to Dr. Murray because he currently has had a few visits at an almost "clinic-type" uncaring facility, but I don't know if he can make appts. within the very limited hours available. He really needs either early evening or weekend appts., none of which are available. She is only open during the day Mon-Thurs. and that's it, and he would have a lot of trouble missing work to be able to go there. I hope there are changes in the future and he will be able to switch. At some point I will switch my son over also, but only if it's a day where there isn't school, because missing school time is not good for him. He's currently sen on Saturdays at pediatric office, but no close by. To sum up, Dr. Murray is a great lady, a wonderful dentist, and I look forward to continuing with her, but if you need flexibility with hours, you may have trouble here and need to find some place else. Lauren Reale

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