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How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Peter Hughes
on October 8, 2014

I am a grateful patient of dr stickney. Dr stickney is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable dentist with many years of experience. Even though he runs a busy practice he makes time to keep up with the latest developments in dentistry and is willing to include new techniques that have been well tested but are not currently mainstream. Its very likely that many of the techniques he is using now will be widely available in 20 years or so. He and his staff are very caring and were willing to really listen and understand what my dental issues where. I believe dr stickney provides the most natural approach to dentistry that is currently available. He emphasizes a preventive approach with the latest techniques for finding dental issues very early so treatment can be as minimal as possible not just relying on x rays alone. He is also very knowledgeable of natural supplements to help strengthen teeth. He uses natural anesthetics and sterilizing techniques such as ozone instead of unnatural mainstream alternatives and finally he is very skilled at dental cosmetics and is very sensitive to making your teeth look the best they can. I discovered dr stickney when I had a crown that had failed. The original drilling required getting very close to the nerve. Although the dentist was very skilled it took years for the tooth to stop hurting and I was told it would be wise to do a root canal because there was a good chance the nerve had been so traumatized by the drilling that it would likely die. I decided to take my chances and it did eventually recover but 10 years later the crown failed and I was told by a couple of dentists that I should go directly to a root canal because the chance of saving the tooth was now very low. I decided to do some research and read about how lasers can be helpful in this situation because they cause less trauma to the nerve than a conventional drill without the heat from the friction so I looked for a dentist who was using one and found dr stickney. When I had my appointment dr stickney told me there was a very good chance that he could save the tooth. Using a laser and other techniques and years of experience the procedure was quick and comfortable and to my astonishment the tooth didn't hurt at all after the numbing wore off and has been fine for over a year . Given that dr stickney had to go even closer to the nerve than in the original drilling with such drastically better results convinced me of just how exceptional dr stickney is

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