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on January 16, 2022

If you think you are going to a dentist with great credentials and education who will work on your teeth you might be in for a surprise. Everyone in the office, but Dr. Lahrs will work on your teeth, many times without an introduction on who will do what. I went for a filling replacement and after Dr. Larhs has checked my tooth, the assistant prepared the dam and everything else for the replacement of the old filling and without any introduction or notice, someone else appeared from the back of the chair and started working on my tooth. I did not even see the face of this person, but after checking their website to see if there is another dentist in this office, I found out that was someone with just a course/class in changing fillings. Not a dentist. Needless to say, when Dr Lahrs came to check my new filling, something was wrong and she had to redo it. Very, very disappointing. I felt cheated and speechless. I also went to change one of my old crowns and clean my teeth. These appointments were as disastrous/dissapointing as the filling replacement. Dr Lahrs does not seem to work on my teeth unless there is a problem created by her assistants. Like, her assistant could not remove the crown from my tooth - she tried every tool she had including pliers, etc. for well over 45 minutes. It was close to torture and my lips/mouth we're hurting. At last Dr Lahrs showed up and took out the crown very fast. All appointments were at least one hour over the planned time. Each time I was in there I was for at least 2 hours or longer. A lot of chatting and protocols. I am no longer going to her office as I would like the dentist I choose to work on my teeth (not the whole office). If I could I could give it a zero stars review.

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