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By: Desiree Hartman
on September 1, 2015

I'm not usually one to write a bad review about a place but the past couple of times I've gone to this location I have left feeling really upset with the hygienist. I have a bad gag reflect and struggle with x-rays. I always warn the hygienist when we start and let them know that I really do best when I put the x-rays in myself and we take a few minutes in between x-rays for me to collect myself. I really don't want to puke all over the office. That's very embarrassing. I use to go to a dentist out of state that was very helpful with my issue. They would help me place the x-ray and let me put it in myself to help me feel more comfortable. While I did this they would stand at the door and snap the x-ray very quickly so I could take it out as soon as possible. We would take a little time in between to gather myself. Does this take a little more time? Yes, about five more minute then a normal appointment but they would book in a longer appointment because they knew it was important to get these x-rays for longstanding tooth health. This has never been the case at Metro Dental in Eagan. Every time we try to do x-rays it's very clear that they become impatience. I haven't had a full set of x-rays taken there since 2012. The woman that helped me today tried to appear cheery because she was definitely starting to become impatience and wanted me to hurry up. I only got two x-rays done before she said we were good. I wanted the rest of them taken but she didn't want to proceed. That isn't the first time this has happened. Six months ago it was the same thing. I don't believe we got a single one because she said "forget it, you just can't do x-rays. It's too bad because we'll never know what your roots look like." Well I want to know and I was willing to keep trying but she gave up. On top of their impatience to help me get the x-rays that I really want to have they always make me feel bad about it. The dentist always come in at the end and they go "Oh we only have one or two x-rays because she couldn't do it." Then they'll proceed to joke with me to make me feel better about it. I don't think it's very professional to make me feel bad about something that I can't control. Don't you think I feel like a giant baby for not being able to take a simple mouth x-ray? I don't need any help feeling worse about it. Other then that the cleanings are fine but I think it's time to find someone new. Just wanted metro dental to know that they really should be nicer about issues like this. It shouldn't come as a shock that some people have trouble with the dentist.

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