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By: Ryan Hill
on March 9, 2016

I went to her wirh a very bad infection and severe pain. The tooth was also slighty loose. The third tooth from the back bottom right. She took an x-ray and refused to pull the tooth because she said the was nothing wrong with it. She numbed me up and wrote me antibiotics and said come back if the problem persists. The antibiotics cleared up the infection and the pain went away. The tooth stayed loose. When the antibiotics ran out the infection came back this time with an abscess on my gum. I called her and she said my insurance didn't pay because she wast the dentist I saw last time and hung up. The tooth cracked in half while eating shortly after that and the infection got worse. There was puss coming out of the crack with a very bad smell. The crack was so deep I could pull the tooth apart with my finger tips. I called her again and told her I could pay her cash for the last visit and all I needed was some antibiotics. She told me she could not see me and hung up again. If she would have pulled the tooth like I asked her in the first place I wouldn't have had to go through this.

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