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9321 Wicker Ave Ste 201,
Saint John, IN 46373
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Orthodontic Dentistry


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Orthodontic Specialists Dentists

DI Rating 9.8


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: sabrena
on October 18, 2018

super nice . my daughter loves them and thats a huge plus

DI Rating 9.7


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: amanda naasko
on November 25, 2012

It was literally the worst experience of my life, where do I begin. I went to him on black friday with a life threatening tooth infection and I needed an oral surgeon because the tooth was broken down to the gum line. I ended up getting four teeth cut out, and he was very rough, constantly yelling at his assistant, smacking her hand even; while it was in my mouth with the suction, he was very frustrated and heavy handed because of it. He looked like a sweet old grandpa but was a complete jerk. after laying there with a severely swollen face for about an hour. they finally came in and literally stabbed my face liek 15 times with the numbing medicine..i at 29 was crying so hard I was shaking in pain and him and the assistant just left me in there sobbing. it was the worst feeling ever. after another hour of waiting and feeling like i was gonna pass out they finally came in and he just tore into my mouth..long story short I literally felt like I was being tortured!!!!!!!! like in a saw movie..im not kidding..I will never ever go back to him, no matter how bad my teeth get..id rather pull it myself...to top it off..the place didnt have all the equipment he needed, not even water to spray in my mouth. they were NOT very clean. it was a horror movie in the making.i pray for anyone who has no choice and has to go to him.

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