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Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Georgetowne Park Endodontics of North Bethesda

Dr. Eghtesadi was rude, condescending, and arrogant. I honestly don’t understand all of the positive reviews for this business except that there was a sign in the lobby saying that you could get a $5 Starbucks gift card for a positive review written onsite (I’m pretty sure this is illegal unless the review states that a gift was given in exchange for a review). I had a root canal performed by another dentist, but I was still having pain in that tooth, so the dentist recommended I see an endodontist and have a 3-D scan of the tooth done. Dr. Eghtesadi’s receptionist was out, so he was handling everything. I have Tricare insurance, and Dr. Eghtesadi clearly did not understand how that works. Tricare doesn’t give out insurance cards, and instead a military dependent’s ID is used as proof of insurance. Dr. Eghtesadi proceeded to get into an argument with me that mostly consisted of a back and forth of us basically saying the same thing over and over again, with him saying he needed to have a card with a phone number in order to verify my insurance and me saying that I don’t have a card with a phone number because Tricare doesn’t do that. Then, Dr. Eghtesadi said, in the most patronizing way possible, “I’m going to talk to you like you’re my sister. You need to figure this out because you’re going to have problems with this in the future.” I explained that I hadn't had problems before. Dr. Eghtesadi then said that he didn’t know what he was supposed to do because all I have is a government ID and who is he supposed to call, the government? I was pretty bewildered by his attitude and sarcasm, but I calmly responded by saying that I would probably try United Concordia Tricare first. This is, in case anyone was wondering, how you verify Tricare dental insurance. I wondered aloud whether his receptionist would know how to handle this, and he said harshly, “She knows less than I do.” Woah. Okay. It’s not like it’s her job to handle insurance or anything. At this point I was ready to leave, but obviously Dr. Eghtesadi made some kind of mental calculation (most likely involving the exorbitant out-of-pocket expense of the CBCT scan) and decided to proceed anyways. I had a tough internal debate on whether to stay or go, and I ended up deciding to stay because I was really anxious to find out why my tooth was hurting. Anyways, once I got to the back area, the rest of the visit was fine, and Dr. Eghtesadi was surprisingly courteous when I called a few days later to discuss the results of the scan, so it’s possible that my visit was a strange deviation from his normal behavior. It is also possible that he has anger issues and no problem being rude, condescending, and hostile towards a small, young female who did nothing wrong. Reading some of the other negative reviews about him online seems to suggest a pattern of angry outbursts. You might get lucky and have a positive experience or you might have one like mine, and do you really want to play that game of chance? There are plenty of other endodontists in the area and some of them may actually have some emotional control..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Sheila Esfandiari

Dedicated, professional, and caring - Dr. Esfandiari and her staff are great!.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Sheila Esfandiari

Dr. Esfandiari and her medical team are the best! Dr. Esfandiari has provided and continues to provide exceptional orthodontic services for my children for about 12 years. We highly recommend her..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Sheila Esfandiari

My youngest daughter who is going to University of MD, needed some extensive work done. She found Dr. Esfandiari, as the office is nearby to our home, and they offered a good discount even though at the time she didn't have any insurance to cover these services. My daughter is in the middle of her treatment with Dr. E. and she now has some insurance to help with these services, however she would have to go to another provider. My daughter is so comfortable with Dr. E., she would rather continue to pay out of her own pocket than to switch providers. I think that says a lot about the level of care she gives to her patients. She is the first Dr. my daughter has ever trusted with her teeth. Dr. E. has referred my daughter to others for some of the work she needed. And has coordinated care with the oral surgeon and others, all of whom have been equally professional and caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Esfandiri to anyone in need of orthodontic care..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Fine Dentistry by Design

Dr wang is very nice, patient and skilled dentist. She always listen to her patients, she is very responsible and consider to her patients's benefits. I had crown falled off, she gave good suggestion and find effective solutions and made the job done great! I am very satisfied with Dr wang, and would love to recommend her to my friends.... Thank you Dr Wang. Sara.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Fine Dentistry by Design

You always do an amazing job and take the time to make sure all of your patients know and understanding the steps they must take to having healthy great teeth Thank You!!.

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