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Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Laurelhurst Dentistry

My insurance is very common, and I had a standard 'deep cleaning' procedure. The team told me my portion of the cost of the deep cleaning and had me sign a paper with the cost to me, which I did and paid that day. Then next visit a few weeks later they said I still owed that much AGAIN because insurance covered it as a 'different category'. So, my portion of the cost was around DOUBLE what they said. How does this dentist office not know how much the patient portion is of a super common 'deep cleaning' procedure when the insurance is also super common? When I sign shouldn't that be an agreement that that's how much I pay, at least within 5 or 10% ?? The procedure was optional and I feel like they told me a small patient portion number to get me to agree to it. They put their opportunity to make extra money first. If they told me "Around $400. is patient responsibility for this" I might've opted for just regular cleaning, which was free. They're friendly, but it felt like they bait and switched me. Common insurance, common procedure. It's unkind to charge people nearly double what you said AFTER you do a procedure..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Lincoln Dental

I've been a patient at Lincoln Dental for roughly 2 years now. Or rather, 'was' a patient, unbeknownst to me until today. I called the office this morning in need of urgent dental care and was told by Lorraine that I'd been dropped as a patient back in July because they wrote off a charge on my account; a charge that entirely stemmed from the office miscommunicating the cost of a service and then sending me a bill for nearly $200 three months after the service. This was after I'd confirmed the cost of the service multiple times, including right before I handed them my card to pay for it, because they knew I have limited financial flexibility. They claim I was sent multiple notices about the charge, as well as multiple notices regarding being dropped as a patient, which I was not. The only thing I've received in the mail from them was a single bill in June claiming my account was 90 days past due. When I tried to ask Lorraine if this could be rectified in any way, she cut me off and flat out said no. They will never see me again and there is no way to change that because they had to foot the cost of a bill that was their mistake. Note that Lorraine is the one who caused the miscommunication at the heart of all of this. She's also the one who has refused to write down my proper address 4 times, sending mail to an old address I haven't lived at in nearly a year. When I tried to ask if I owed them money or if I had something in collections, Lorraine hung up on me. This is not the first time she's hung up on me when I've asked her a basic question. Just as well, Lorraine is also the reason my first ever appointment with the clinic was canceled since she kept calling the wrong phone number, despite reading it back to me when I gave it to her and having it written correctly, and made zero attempt to contact me otherwise to confirm the appointment. Despite the fact that we'd been emailing back and forth just prior to that. Dr. Sims is great at his job. It's unfortunate that the person running their front desk is so unbelievably rude, classist, and lazy, and refuses to take accountability for her mistakes, instead pinning them on patients so they can't come back..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Kevin Speer, DDS

I have never had a better dentist! Dr . Speer has been there for me since 2005 and he and staff are awesome! I am 75 now and am so grateful for the kind, care given by them! You can’t get better!.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Runckel John L DDS

Dr Newkirk was paid to do a single implant. A simple bone graft/implant was so poorly done that it caused me to lose 2 additional healthy teeth! I went to other doctors to fix the problem and they recommended I contact an attorney. This guy should NEVER practice dentistry..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Alix J Leemin

Great Orthodontist! Very personable and knowledgeable!.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Alix J Leemin

Dr. Leemin is very professional, caring and knowledgeable — highly recommend!.

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