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on August 10, 2015

Stayed on a business trip and was very disappointed with two issues - 1) denied my request for a late check-out due to volume of clients coming in (I just needed to work in my room for a couple more hours - even an hour would have been helpful - AND I offered to pay the $50 (as stated in the rules) ); and 2) when I was working in the lobby on day of check out I had to complain about another guest (who actually turned out NOT to be a guest, but just a lobby crasher) who was some kind of financial trader and was having a meltdown over deals he was losing that day. I complained, as this guy was going off (hitting the table; "f bomb" all over the place; pulling his hair out and crying like a baby.(I couldn't even make this up...) ..he was totally nuts and after hearing him say on the phone "I'm about to go off on someone", I complained to the front desk. What did they do? Nothing. Not a thing. Didn't confront him; he continued his antics - ....I ended up leaving and left the nut case still cussing. What if he had gone off? Is it worth the potential liability issue, Hilton?? I eventually heard the nut say (on the phone) that his son was at a soccer match and he just came there to use the wi-fi. Anyway, was unhappy with the way both of these situations were handled. Like I said, I was there on business, and really needed the extra hours of work, which eventually got done, but certainly wasn't in a pleasant environment.

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