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435 Ringwood Ave,
Pompton Lakes, NJ 7442
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DI Rating 5.6


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By: Pnj Books
on October 20, 2015

This store is a perfect example of what can happen to a business when you put people in charge that don't know what they are doing; meaning both the officer making decisions down in paterson and the self important in store manager. This thrift store has gone from a important part of the community that people from all over came to to a filthy eyesore with shelves full of garbage and unsellable furniture that has been sitting in the same spot for months. The prices have also changed on everything and whoever made that decision needs their head checked.. Sometimes the nonsense works in your favor though, like when you get a $250 pair of Armani pants for $3 and a crappy pair of dockers for $6.. Ohh how the quality of this store has declined in recent years.. Some of the old volunteers could do a better job of running the store in all honesty, I support what SA does for people so what has happened here does not make me happy..

DI Rating 4.7


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Stacie Tucker
on May 18, 2015

Nothing really great and they kicked everyone out at 4:30 on a Monday even though their hours are 8-5.

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