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By: A Google User
on August 11, 2011

I have resisted writing this review for months because I hate to get on here and badmouth a business but this place has completely screwed me over. There's no other way to say it When I moved to the area last year as a recently single mother, I had to find a new dentist. I called this place and asked if they accepted my insurance. The office manager said yes. My daughter and I both went in for appointments. There was some question about what would be covered by my insurance but the office manager blew off any concerns and told me she could enter things in certain ways so that they'd go through the insurance. A few weeks later I got a bill for $300. I called the office manager and was told that while they take my insurance, they aren't "in network" with my plan. I said that, gee, it would've been nice to have heard that when I called to book the appointments. Had I known they were out of network, I never would've booked the appointment. I stated that I felt I was mislead that I wasn't told this when I called. While I didn't specifically use the term "in-network" (as I had no idea that I needed to since I rarely switch doctors) it seemed like it should've been an obvious, implied question when directed to the person who handles insurance for the practice and who deals with insurance all day long and who would know that I was still going to get a charge for the visit. The office manager then went on to tell me that my insurance wasn't any good anyway and that I should consider dropping it. I called my insurance company (Aetna) and went through the entire bill with them. They confirmed that if I had used an "in network" dental office, my out-of-pocket expense would've been zero dollars. I spoke to other people at the dental office and even wrote a letter to the dentist explaining what happened. I explained that I was a single mother on an extremely tight budget and only getting sporadic child support. I asked if there was any way they could reduce the bill at all based on the misunderstanding. I was told no, they were not willing to even reduce my bill. So I was left with a bill for $300, which the office manager suggested I pay off in increments of $50 per month. I don't have the budget to take on another $50 per month bill. My budget is set to the penny and I know exactly how much money I have for every month. So I have been paying it off at $10 per month for the last few months. I have continued to pay this bill every month even though my joint finances with my ex-husband are a complete shambles and my house is in pre-foreclosure and we're on the verge of bankruptcy for our joint accounts. (No lie.) Today I called to see if I could get my and my daughter's x-rays so that we could bring them to our new, in-network, dentist. I was told that they don't release x-rays to people who have a balance. I explained who I was and the office manager acknowledged that I had been paying off my balance at $10 per month but still refused to release the x-rays. I further explained to her that my financial situation has become extremely dire in the past few months but I have still continued to pay this bill. I felt that because of the misunderstanding that the least they could do was release my x-rays, as I have been diligently paying off a several-hundred dollar balance that I cannot afford and probably shouldn't have ended up with in the first place. No dice. So, thanks, Kimberton Dental, for being so inflexible as to not admit your own mistake and then making a customer (who cannot afford it!) pay for your oversight. I hope it was worth it.

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