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DI Rating 9.0


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Desiree Hartman
on September 1, 2015

I'm not usually one to write a bad review about a place but the past couple of times I've gone to this location I have left feeling really upset with the hygienist. I have a bad gag reflect and struggle with x-rays. I always warn the hygienist when we start and let them know that I really do best when I put the x-rays in myself and we take a few minutes in between x-rays for me to collect myself. I really don't want to puke all over the office. That's very embarrassing. I use to go to a dentist out of state that was very helpful with my issue. They would help me place the x-ray and let me put it in myself to help me feel more comfortable. While I did this they would stand at the door and snap the x-ray very quickly so I could take it out as soon as possible. We would take a little time in between to gather myself. Does this take a little more time? Yes, about five more minute then a normal appointment but they would book in a longer appointment because they knew it was important to get these x-rays for longstanding tooth health. This has never been the case at Metro Dental in Eagan. Every time we try to do x-rays it's very clear that they become impatience. I haven't had a full set of x-rays taken there since 2012. The woman that helped me today tried to appear cheery because she was definitely starting to become impatience and wanted me to hurry up. I only got two x-rays done before she said we were good. I wanted the rest of them taken but she didn't want to proceed. That isn't the first time this has happened. Six months ago it was the same thing. I don't believe we got a single one because she said "forget it, you just can't do x-rays. It's too bad because we'll never know what your roots look like." Well I want to know and I was willing to keep trying but she gave up. On top of their impatience to help me get the x-rays that I really want to have they always make me feel bad about it. The dentist always come in at the end and they go "Oh we only have one or two x-rays because she couldn't do it." Then they'll proceed to joke with me to make me feel better about it. I don't think it's very professional to make me feel bad about something that I can't control. Don't you think I feel like a giant baby for not being able to take a simple mouth x-ray? I don't need any help feeling worse about it. Other then that the cleanings are fine but I think it's time to find someone new. Just wanted metro dental to know that they really should be nicer about issues like this. It shouldn't come as a shock that some people have trouble with the dentist.

DI Rating 8.4


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Darlene
on December 22, 2016

I highly recommend Seven Hills! Best dental office ever! Dr. Dryer is the best! So glad he an his wife decided to open their office in Palatine. They are excellent at what they do, extremely professional, very competent, kind and caring. A friendly, modern and welcoming office; complete with a lab on-site. You may soon be as grateful as I, when you become their patient. . Call today to book your appointment.

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