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By: Karissa Shelton
on June 1, 2015

I will recommend Dr. Woods and his staff to any and everybody I come in contact with! They have, hands down, provided me with THE best dental experience that I could possibly ask for. I travel with my job and am a float so my schedule changes constantly. I have not been able to keep a single appointment I have made to have my braces tightened. However, with Dr. Woods this has never been an issue. I can just call him when it is time to have them tightened and when I happen to be at a local office and he ALWAYS works me in. They are very understanding and helpful and very kind. I don't feel like just another patient to them. They know me by first name and I love the feeling that I matter to them because I truly feel like I do! One day I was working in Carbondale, IL and my braces broke. I didn't get off until 4:30 and then had over an hour drive back. I called Dr. Woods and he said to come in when I get back to town. The office closes at 5 and Dr. Woods stayed there until I got there to fix my braces! Not only are they very flexible, but many times when I call, it is Dr. Woods that answers the phone, not just his staff. He even took a payment over the phone for me one day. And when you call and leave a message, he calls back himself and speaks to you. I work for many many different doctors in multiple states and none of them, I mean none of them answer the phones themselves and definitely don't take payments themselves either. They get their nurse to do it. This shows how compassionate he is. The two women that work for him are amazing as well and very down to earth and easy to talk to! I wish that Dr. Woods was a doctor in every field of medicine so I could use him for everything LOL!!! I am also a very curious person and ask him alot of questions about how braces work and he takes his time and explains everything to me. I don't feel rushed when I go in to see him! Not only am I going to have the beautiful smile that I have always wished for, but I am having a very pleasant experience with it as well! Go see Dr. Woods! I promise you, if you are compliant and just follow his instructions, you will not be disappointed!

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