Dr. Navin Hukmani, DDS

Dr. Navin Hukmani, DDS

Orthodontic Dentistry in Leesburg, VA

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9.9 out of 10

Verified Patient Reviews

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

Dr. Hukmani and Dr. Mittal were amazing during my 18 months in braces. I was always at ease and they explained every step of my treatment and very accommodating with scheduling and payment plans. The staff was great and so helpful. I would recommend them to anyone.

by Brandon Pendleton On 22 December 2016

Dr. Hukmani and his staff are amazing. A few years ago (~2012), I was referred to Dr. Hukmani by my dentist. After many years of poor dental health practices, I had multiple cavities and tooth decay resulting in extractions. Instead of paying the $20,000+ to have 3 or 4 implants, he took a creative approach, using my wisdom teeth to replace the molars I lost. Thus, I only needed 1 implant instead of the 3 or 4. I am so grateful for him and his staff's service and professionalism!

by Stephanie Mancini On 27 October 2016

Dr Hukmani's office is the best. I've had to change appointments for both my children often over the course of their treatments and they are always accommodating. We've never waited more than five minutes to be seen upon arrival. He explains clearly what the patients need to be doing from one appointment to the next. My children had very different needs and now they both have spectacular smiles. I can't recommend Dr Hukmani and his staff more highly.

by Yiman Song On 19 June 2014

I would definitely recommend Dr. Hukmani and his team to whoever is looking for an orthodontist. I love how my teeth look now, what's more, the whole experience there is excellent. Nice facility, great great staff, and Dr. Hukmani is no doubt an expert in the subject!

by Mike M On 4 June 2014

My experience with Dr. Hukmani has been excellent. Very friendly, and staff they're there to assist you through your whole process and great staff as well. Dr. Hukmani is very knowledgeable and only wants you to have that perfect smile that you want. I recommend anybody looking to get orthodontic work done make this your one stop shop you will be pleased. Much thanks and I get plenty of compliments from the work done.

by Craig Kettler On 19 May 2014

Dr. Hukmani and his team are friendly, engaging and professional. He provided orthodontic treatment for my two oldest children and the work looks great. Dr. Hukmani kept us informed of the progress, next steps, etc. throughout the course of treatment. The treatment was completed very close to the original time estimate. It was easy to schedule appointments and the automated reminders prior to each appointment were helpful and made it easy to confirm appointments. On the few occasions where we had to reschedule appointments, the office team worked with us to reschedule the appointment as quickly as possible.

by Chris Himmel On 18 April 2014

We were very pleased with the professionalism shown by Dr. Hukmani and his staff. Our daughter's teeth turned out exactly how we hoped they would. From the first appointment to the removal of braces the staff at Landsdowne Orthodontics explained every step of the process and made us feel at ease with the entire treatment. Our daughter is so happy with her teeth that she can't stop smiling. Thank you Dr. Hukmani and the entire staff at Landsdowne! Now we have our youngest daughter starting with Landsdowne.

by Angel Miranda On 3 March 2014

My dentist recommended that I get braces or I may start to lose some of my teeth. But wait…I’m in my late 30’s…should I really get braces? My teeth were in bad shape, crowding in two places…Dr. Hukmani said it was a tough case but he was willing to take it on. I have to say…I’m so glad he did! I NEVER use to show my teeth when I smile. I always had the one snaggletooth sticking out that I didn’t want anyone to see, or when I did smile with teeth it looked like I was missing some. Now I’m all teeth when I smile! And NOW I receive nothing but complements on my teeth. It was an overall great experience with Dr. Hukmani, and the whole staff, everyone is so nice and friendly. So when my daughter needed braces I knew where to take her. And she just got them off last week and they look amazing! She tells me the same thing that she gets nothing but complements. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hukmani to anyone who needs braces. Thanks Dr. Hukmani.

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