Dr. Gary H. Shanker, DDS

Dr. Gary H. Shanker, DDS

Orthodontic Dentistry in Saint Louis, MO

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12111 Tesson Ferry Professional Ctr,
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9.6 out of 10

Verified Patient Reviews

by Patti Dundon On 2 October 2015

My father referred us to Embrace Our World as he knew Dr. Shanker personally through the Rotary Club. All three of my older children have completed their treatment with this organization and have all benefited far beyond lovely smiles and improved health which was the basis for the treatment. They have increased self confidence as well. One's smile is so important not only for your health but it's the first thing an employer or anyone notices. My daughter, Katie, had an extreme under bite so severe she could not chew food. Embrace Our World in concert with a wonderful surgeon named Dr. J. Adam Andrews performed an amazing surgery and correction through braces that have created a child who now smiles non stop. It's really amazing. Believe me when I say, they went in to correct a serious physical problem and came out with so much more. We truly thank you and look forward to bringing the last of our four kids to you soon! Sincerely, Patti

by YeOldeApple On 23 May 2015

It was a long and eventful four years being with Embrace Our World, but it was worth it. Each visit made me feel like I belonged there with cheerful employees and a positive mood all around. There was plenty to do as I had my teeth worked on from watching Netflix to enjoying a game. The end result for my teeth were perfect and I'm glad I went.

by Nicole Myers On 3 March 2015

My daughter is a second generation patient of Embrace Our World Orthodontics. The care given to me as a teenager could not be matched by other professionals and I feel the same about the care given to my daughter. Each of the doctors were quite knowledgeable each time she was in for treatment. Coupled with her following the directions of the docs, she was able to have her braces off earlier than expected. She will continue to be a patient and her treatment continues to be covered. The entire staff is very caring and I highly recommend them!

by Dana Miles On 18 June 2014

Our Excellent experience with "Embrace Our World Orthodontics" was no surprise. It was the same excellent experience I received myself more than 36 years ago. Dr. Gary Shanker made my hideous teeth look beautiful when I was just a young girl of 13 or so, many years ago. I always knew if my children needed braces, there was no doubt in my mind where I would take them. My Daughter just had her braces removed, and her teeth are beautiful, and my son is in the final round of his treatment. While the techniques in the industry have changed a lot since the "old days", this team has remained ahead of the pack with the most innovative of practices, and their attention to their patients with their comforting, loving, atmosphere has remained top priority. I LOVE Dr. Gary Shanker, he is my hero...and my kids love all the staff at "Embrace Our World Orthodontics". You can't go wrong here.

by Zachary Driemeyer On 8 March 2014

You could find a less expensive orthodontist but in the long run you do not save money. The stick to their timeline. Both of my sons were out of braces early with perfect teeth. They do not stop service once the braces are off. They have made me feel confident I could come back to them any time I needed even after they finished their treatment.

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