Dr. Keisha Alexander, DDS

Dr. Keisha Alexander, DDS

Orthodontic Dentistry in Apopka, FL

551 N Park Ave, Ste A,
Apopka, FL 32712
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8.4 out of 10

Verified Patient Reviews

by Anonymous On 28 August 2017

On Saturday night, one of Dr. Alexander's patient was involved in a car accident and suffered pretty extensive dental and jaw trauma causing severe displacement of her patient's teeth that were currently being aligned by Dr. Alexander. Patient called Dr. Alexander during the middle of the night to notify her and Dr. Alexander directly got on the phone with her colleagues to ensure that the patient could be seen asap to have those teeth re-positioned before it was too late. Amazing service!!!

by Gail Fournier On 17 March 2017

I highly recommend Smiles Concepts with Dr. Alexander. The facility is beautiful and very clean. The staff is very professional and friendly! The relaxed atmosphere put my daughter at ease about any fears she had of getting braces. She is taken on time for her appointments with no wait time, a very important factor for our busy lives. Dr. Alexander is very nice and took the time to answer any questions we had but more important any questions my daughter had. Highly recommend!

by Laura Kappos On 22 December 2016

I love Dr. Alexander, shes the sweetest person you will ever meet, great with patients and family. Great staff.. no complaints.. If you need your child to be feeling comfortable with treatment and have a successful result Dr Alexander is the right choice. :0)

by Louise Schriefer On 17 October 2015

I had ACDF surgery at this facility, I awoke in recovery told them I was nauseous and about to vomit, I was rushed out of the recovery room handed a plastic bag and wheeled out to my friends car. We drove an hour home, my scripts where not ready and I began to vomit. My friend then drove me back to Winter Haven Hospital and I tried to tell them I had just been operated on and was vomiting and in much pain. I was put out in the waiting room where I sat for 45 minutes even after speaking with my doctor by phone. I finally left. This Emergency room is deplorable, barbaric and treatment not acceptable. I would never go to this facility again at any cost.

by Cindy Smith On 3 September 2015

Praying the hospital administrators read these reviews! Where are the hospital inspectors? What can be done to change this situation?!? Year after year, I hear horror stories about the WH Hospital (but not the cardiac department). We are at their mercy when an emergency arises and we all deserve better care. We had a most horrendous experience over a 3 day weekend. The doctor was over-extended and not focused when he finally showed up! Winter Haven Hospital needs in improve immediately!

by Khaleesie Moon On 26 June 2015

In a word...UNACCEPTABLE! I went in @ 4pm because my dr. was worried that my BP was to high. (which it had been for 6 days) There were only about 20 people in waiting room. Got my BP retested @ 5pm. Still high. EKG @ 530, Blood drawn @ 6. Got registered around 630...STILL IN ER WAITING ROOM. Finally @ 730 taken in back. BP still HIGH!!!! Saw Technician more than nurse. Had to ask to see DR. Dr...(actually ARPN) Comes in @ 1030pm. Talks a bit; leaves. @ 1 am; received a pill to lower BP. (same one I had taken @ dr. office 6 days prior) Another blood test order. Was finally released at 2am telling me I had bronchitas and to take a stronger BP medicine. I followed up w/ the dr that had originally prescribed the first BP medicine and she said I didnt need to take the stronger one yet. I am completely frustrated with what happened and even though I only live 5 minutes away from WHH; I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!!!!!!

by James Hektner On 24 April 2015

Under the circumstances, the Winter Haven Hospital was a very positive experience. I'm an 18 year Paraplegic from Canada that recently broke my femur while visiting the area. The entire staff from emergency response to surgical and post opp were extremely knowledgeable, professional and experienced. Thanks again to everyone that assisted in my recovery!

by Stephen Pottinger On 12 January 2015

My mother-in-law was brougt in by ambulance twice because of falls. Both times took the ER half a day to even diagnose her and both times she was sent home to go find an ortho Dr. to set the brakes. My question is this. If a Hospital ER can't even set a break, when CAN they do? In addittion, we live a thousand miles away and we tried calling for any word on her condition. This morning we let the ER phone wring for 50 min.'s before someone finally picked it up and hung up. My recomendation is to avoid this so called hospital at all costs. Tell the driver to keep going to a more reliable, customer friendly facility with the competance to actually care for the healing of a patient. If anyone actually had a good experience, perhaps all they needed was a splinter removed and a smiley face bandaide.

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