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By: Ricky Spanish
on March 14, 2015

Dee See is correct about Deb M, she is avengedul spiteful person, if she doesn't like you for whatever reason, she WILL go out of herr way to sabotage your recovery, up to and including tampering and altering urine screens and results, putting you on recall every day and then changing the logs saying you missed, erasing your name from attended group records,etc. Her biggest thing is to mess with urine test results,she had tampered with one saying there were drugs in it that the person never used. I think she has a supply of dirty urine she substitutes for peoples real urine samples.. I know people who were targets of her that used clean ursine and also used Gatorade, and it came back dirty. I don't know who would want to sleep with her , she is frankly very homely and looks like a boy, picture a shorter haired Velma from Scooby Doo. If your counselor is one of her cronies, like Ginny or Michelle ( how the hell can you go outside and smoke for 42 minutes of a hour, or go outside to smoke every 10 minutes and not get fired unless you one of the bosses cronies) then they can probably kick you in the Jimmy and take a hit off a bong and not get screwed for it. I had an incident with witnesses that Deb overruled, even the staff witnesses were disregarded, a few months later i ran into one of the staff involved at a grocery store and she was no longer employed with APT and she admitted she was told/ordered to remand her statement or she can find another job. She said she couldn't stand Deb and most of the staff couldn't but she isn't above firing someone out of spite. Otherwise, there are good counselors, some new some have been there a while, that are great people, they are staying to add more interesting groups, too. They added text alerts for snow closings (though it was at the tail end of all the storms). All they need is computer access, Long Wharf and North Haven have computers and WI-FI but Legion has a bank of computers in the job search area but there's been a sign up for 2 years now they are unavailable. Other than not having evening hours it's not a bad place..... You give 3 clean urine screens, do a bottle safety group, and you get take home bottles and get a new one every 30 days.

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