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By: Derson Petit-Homme
on October 13, 2015

i wouldn't recommend buying a car from this place #autodriveone. Five reasons why .. OVERPRICED, TERRIBLE COSTUMER SERVICE, THEY TRY TO "SWITCH" YOU FROM THE CAR YOU WANT TO ANOTHER CAR, HARASSMENT AND DISCRIMINATION, STEREOTYPES IN CAR SALES. Having a good car buying experience means choosing the right dealership. But how do you know, at a glance, if a dealership is going to treat you well? i've compiled a list of tip-offs to help you spot the bad dealerships, so you can go elsewhere before you get too deep in the process. Of course, if you shop online you can minimize the dealership experience. But even then you will have to test-drive the car you are considering. As always, the best defense is preparation and knowledge so, without further ado, here is our list of warning signs. 1. Salesmen are hanging around out front of the dealership salivating 2. Your salesman suddenly disappears and another salesman takes over 3.You call the Internet department thinking you're getting the inside track, only to arrive at the dealership and find out that they have "set you up with" a regular salesman 4. Your salesman demands, "Follow me!" or "Wait here!" 5. When you tell them how much of a monthly payment you want, and the salesman says, "up to…?" 6. They try to "switch" you from the car you want to another car. 7. You're talking with your laid-back salesman when a big scary guy suddenly comes in and sits down across from you 8. They say the advertised car is no longer available. 9. Your trade-in disappears and they say they have lost the keys. 10. You feel uncomfortable or intimidated.

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