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DI Rating 8.6


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Heather Smith
on June 19, 2014

A Patient Experience at Alabama Family Dental: I visited this office on 6/18/14, a day after I called for an appointment. I was greeted by a friendly staff member on the phone who was happy to help find the right time for what I needed. The office was easy to locate (it has a big digital sign out front) and I had no trouble finding parking. The waiting room was very airy, clean, and stylish, as were all of the exam rooms that I noticed. When I went to the front counter, I was greeted in a friendly manner, and they got me started on my new patient paperwork right away. Even before I finished the paperwork, they were getting me back there to do the x-rays I needed, and I was always escorted so I didn't feel crazy in the hallways (which seems to always happen to me at any doctor's office, so I appreciated it). I was offered a complimentary drink while I waited (options were water, gatorade, juice, and some others I forgot). I only waited for about 3 minutes after I turned in the paperwork, and I was brought to a room where I met Jessica, my dental hygienist. She sat down with a clip board, which I thought was weird because normally I just get hands all in my mouth right away, a "let's get down to business" kind of thing. But she had a list of questions for me. She actually asked about what was going on and let me explain it without cutting me off. Then, she told me about their "comfort plan." First she asked me what music do I like to listen to that would make me feel more at ease. She explained that they have Pandora set up in every room, which the option of noise reduction headphones so you don't have to hear the drill the whole time. They have neck pillows. It said on the list that they're aromatherapy, but I think she actually said they massage. Anyway, they also have leg pillows, and blankets, and complimentary Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas, fyi, in case you're like "wtf is that?") Well, I have never been offered any of these things in any dentist office I've visited, so I pretty much felt like royalty. And maybe to you, the reader, I'm just a ridiculous person and all of this doesn't matter to you... but it meant a lot to me. I've had dental issues my entire life, and I've always had the same old drill with every dentist office. I always feel like an insurance plan, and not a person. So I was pretty psyched. What is probably actually more important is the skill which was used, though. Jessica was awesome. She was gentle, like my mouth wasn't a rodeo and she was just kicking all around. She was respectful and she paid attention. So after I had my teeth cleaned, the doctor came in to see me. His name was Dr. Justin Jeffus, and he is not your ordinary dentist. Let us just say, he is rather beautiful, and he is the ultimate in "chair-side manner." Like a pro, he started off with small talk to gain rapport, which was easy because it asks on the paperwork if you have kids, and he saw that I have a one year old. Turns out, so does he. So we talked about the fun that comes with having your first little girl, and it was a silly time, and we all laughed. Good times were had. Then, he told me what was up with my teeth, and what we were going to have to do, and I actually understood it when I walked out (let us not ignore that Jessica was also a big help in this). Dianne (Not 100% positive that the correct name/spelling, sorry) also hooked me up with a payment schedule and prioritized what order we're going to attack the evil in my teeth, all that stuff, which is very unfun, but she was cheerful about it, so that's cool! This is likely the most detailed review ever, I'm realizing, but hey... now you know EXACTLY what to expect. I suggest asking specifically or Jessica and Dr. Jeffus. I always will. I hope this has been helpful. Have a lovely day!

DI Rating 9.8


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Linda W.
on February 11, 2018

My experience with Dr. Batastini and his staff was excellent. I attended the practice for over 2 years getting my braces and never had a bad experience. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional. They always made me feel comfortable, explained the process and what to expect at every visit. I highly recommend Dr. Batastini

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