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By: Vivian Lehman
on August 18, 2015

I visited such emergency room on February 17, 2015. According to the Emergency Department Documentation, "Dr. Lynders states that the pt c/o vaginal itching in the main ED and thinks it's the cause of her asthma...she was threatening law suits and other inappropriate threats, so he does not feel a gyn assessment on her at this time is appropriate..." I believe "pt c/o" means 'patient complained of'. Obviously, I do not recommend a hospital which connects vaginal itch to asthma. Dr. Lynders has a very vivid imagination. I also do not recommend a hospital which withholds appropriate medical treatment when threatened with a legal action, and boasts proudly of this in its own files. If Middlesex wants to restore my faith, it should have Dr. Lynders recite the Hippocratic Oath on YouTube.

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