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By: Florinda G.
on August 9, 2018

I just had my first (and hopefully last) root canal today and WOW, I'm surprised to say that it was an amazing experience. I went to my regular dentist yesterday because I burned my upper gumline after eating something hot... I never expected to have my dentist tell me that I needed to see a specialist because I may need a root canal! The next day, (today) I went to see Dr. Epelman for a consultation and second opinion. The building is very nice and the office was clean and comfortable. I was an hour early so I sat and read a few magazines while the very nice receptionist called my insurance. Once I was called back they did a few X-rays. Afterwards, Dr. Epelman came in and before she even fully entered the room she saw my X-rays and saw how severe my cavity was (tooth #2). She was EXCELLENT!!! She explained everything very thoroughly, explained my options, and made me feel heard. I start nursing school in a week so I told her this caught me off guard and that I hope she can do it soon so I'm healed before my classes start.... she said she'd do it for me right that moment! I was shocked! 15 mins later I was explained my insurance benefits, signed a few papers, and was numbed up. The root canal went so smoothly!!! I had extensive decay (I've never had tooth pain so this was a shock) but she finished it all in an hour WHILE explaining everything to me along the way (I love to learn new things and hear rationales)...I have to applaud Dr. Epelman because she is truly a master at what she does and she has a big heart. If you need a root canal, PLEASE see her! Thank me later! Thank God I burned my gums because if I hadn't I never would've known that I had a mega cavity lol. Thank you Dr. Epelman!!!P.S. I've had zero pain since the procedure and it was 8 hours ago... ZERO DISCOMFORT!

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