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Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Ada Frazier, DO

EXTREMELY unprofessional. When I tell them I don't have my insurance card, they hang up on me (3 times). They refuse to allow me to speak to them. All I was trying to say is that my benefits are valid and that they need to check my eligibility before I drive all the way out there. They say that I need to check my own eligibility -- and they're right, I do, and I have! Now, before I drive out there, they should be checking my eligibility, but they refuse. Instead, they cut me off, refuse to let me speak, and then hang up on me three times. This is literally the most unprofessional dentist office I have ever done business with. I highly recommend you find another dentist to use. Even Dr. Frazier was blatantly rude to me on the phone and then hung up on me. This wasn't just a bad receptionist. Do you really want a jerk for a dentist? Maybe she'll take out her bad day on your teeth. Have fun..

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