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By: Maggie Bowsher
on June 3, 2015

I work by the Mahwah USPS location and needed to ship a few packages earlier today. I want to support USPS so decided to go here, bad mistake! The attendant there was very rude and not helpful!! When I asked for help or a question, I received an attitude. I had 3 packages to ship and I went to the attendant and asked for envelope options. She gave an attitude and pointed towards the door. They were not clearly labeled so I asked her for some clarification, again I got an attitude and she begrudgingly walked over and pointed and said, "Envelopes are here!". I told her some of the price signs were confusing and wanted to confirm the prices. She got an attitude and pointed and barked out the prices and walked away. I chose a few envelopes and before deciding on them, I wanted to check the weight and price before writing the shipping address on them. The attendant again gave an attitude and when I put my boxes down on the counter no where near or touching the scale, she told me that I had to clear everything off the counter for the scale to get a proper reading. I thought that was a little ridiculous, because all I had was my wallet and a few packing slips, nothing huge or heavy. I moved my things off the counter and into my tote bag. I got the prices for the envelopes and the areas I was shipping to. At this time, the store was completely empty, nobody was in line waiting to ship anything. I asked if I could quickly package everything there, she said no and made me walk everything over to the desk. I only had her weigh 2 of my 3 packages since I knew exactly how I wanted to ship the 3rd one. I came back to the desk once I was done filling everything out. I asked her to borrow some tape to seal the 3rd package. She gave me the tape and said, "you didn't tell me you were shipping a 3rd package!" I told her that I knew how I was shipping it and didn't know it mattered. With this package, all I had to do was quickly fill in a label and tape the box. Again there still wasn't a soul in the store. She made me take everything off the counter and back to the desk to fill out the label and tape the box. She could have started weighing my other packages and ringing them up, instead she made me take my tote bag, wallet, completed packages and the package I needed to tape back to the desk. I hope that her supervisor or someone from the USPS sees this review, because the treatment and attitude I received today is exactly why USPS is failing and people choose other carriers such as UPS and FedEx. I would rather pay more money at UPS or FedEx and get better customer service, then pay less money and receive an attitude the whole time I'm standing there or asking for assistance. Next time I need to ship anything, the Mahwah USPS won't be getting my business!

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