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By: Matt W.
on December 22, 2016

One of the best dental service places I have been to. They usually tailor their clientele to young children, but all ages welcome! This is like a small...

DI Rating 6.2


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Patient Reviews

By: L. B.
on October 23, 2018

I was relatively new to the area and needed a dentist.  Based on other reviews I read, I chose this establishment.  The office was clean, the equipment seemed up-to-date/new, and the staff was very friendly.  I had x-rays done and a general cleaning.  I knew I needed some dental work - specifically to one or two of the existing crowns I have.  Well, according to the dentist at Great Lakes, he told me I needed almost $10,000 of dental work!  Specifically, I needed at least 3 dental implants.  Plus I had a cracked tooth that he kept pushing on and asking me if it bothered me.  I kept telling him "no", but he kept pushing on it until I finally told him to stop.  It was as if he was trying to get it to become a problem.  I left there and never went back.  I was very upset.   Found a different dentist in the area.  An absolute gem of a man.  In the two years since visiting Great Lakes, I've spent approximately $1,000 dollars with this other dentist and my teeth are great.  No implants, no problems with any cracked teeth, nothing other than resolving the issues with my existing crowns.  The reason I decided to write this review now was, this week in the mail (2 years after visiting Great Lakes Dental), I received an itemized service contract for approximately $9,800 worth of dental work from them.  The contract stated that the prices were good for one year and that I should sign and return the contract at my earliest convenience.  Apparently they need the business, but I will never step foot in that office again.  Patients beware!

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