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DI Rating 5.9


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By: Ed
on December 1, 2022


DI Rating 3.6


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Patient Reviews

By: Anonymous
on August 1, 2019

Dr Watkinson gave me work I did not need. He drilled so deep into a “pre-cavity” that the filling was sitting on the pulp of my tooth. He damaged my tooth so badly that I was forced to get a root canal to save the tooth. I went in for a cracked tooth, which he didn’t even address. He filled 3 cavities and only partially filled each one, I had to get all 3 re-done by another dentist, who told me there was no visible decay on the x rays dr watkinsons assistant took, meaning I did not need any of these fillings. And he didn’t fill the crack I needed him to fill because I was in pain! I believe he purposely messed up my teeth to keep me coming back to bill my insurance. The office also billed me for a cleaning that I did not receive. If I could give 0 stars I would. If you ever find yourself in this dentist’s care, find another dentist. Don’t make the same mistake I did, it caused me weeks of pure agony.

DI Rating 5.3


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Patient Reviews

on September 27, 2020

This nightmare started on May 19, 2020 -- FIVE visits later and Dr. Miguel Scheel still refuses to take or return any of my telephone calls. Buyer Beware: Caloosa Dental's Dentist Dr. Miguel Scheel sent me to a Lehigh Acres HOME GARAGE to have dental work done during the uncertain times of COVID-19!!!! The Lab is located in a neighborhood / someone's personal garage in Lehigh Acres, FL - You can pull the home up on leepa if you would like to see a picture - The STRAP number is: 29-44-26-03-00022.0030 THE BELOW HAPPENED TO ME: * I was very specific with both the receptionist and technician that I wanted a veneer. I was under the impression that the $1,519 bill I was presented was for a veneer not the too short, too thick, now discoloring crown I ended up with. *I was required to pay in full before even meeting Dr. M.Scheel. *Dr. M.Scheel inserted a needle into my gums and there was an extremely intense burning sensation that shot through my nose, cheeks and forehead. I've had numbing done before and never have I experienced such intense burning pain. Dr. M.Scheel assured me that it was totally normal but my gut said otherwise - I'm still numb four months later!! *The technician bruised my gums. *The technician tried to pull off and remove my temporary tooth to no avail. Due to the severity of the pain I had to stop the technician and ask her for numbing gel. It appeared as if she was very annoyed by my numbing gel request so she then lathered my entire mouth with a ton of gel. It was like she trying to reprimand me for my gel request. *The technician was insensitive when I requested for her to cement my temporary - her response: "Well, Fixodent is super easy to use - you just squirt a little and pop it back in - no big deal." *I had to have multiple temporaries placed into my mouth since Caloosa Dental could not get the coloring correct. One technician was a gem and matched my temporary perfectly. The insensitive technician would make my temporaries bright white - I could not believe a professional would purposely do that to a patient - malicious. *PPE gear was not required inside The Lab / home garage. *Dr. M.Scheel shaved down my garage tooth - too short for my mouth, he never showed me the tooth in a mirror, never had me sign a consent before permanently cementing it into my mouth but had the gall to tell me how beautiful it looked. Even The Lab agrees it's too short (see text picture) *MeganD (Office Manager) explained to me that although Dr. M.Scheel was not willing to speak to me he was willing to fix my tooth but I would be financially responsible for paying the fees. WHAAAT - STOP - THIS CANNOT BE REAL LIFE - DR. M.SCHEEL WANTS ME TO PAY FOR HIS MISTAKE BUT WON'T EVEN TALK TO ME?! I have gone to his Caloosa Dental office five times and his Lab once and wasn't even offered an apology or free sticker for my inconvenience now Dr. M.Scheel has the audacity to ask me for more money when he was the one who destroyed the tooth S.Deyarza and G.Moreno created / I approved - laughable, unprofessional and cowardly. JUST AN FYI: I did ask Dr. M.Scheel if he had ever been to The Lab. Dr. M.Scheel told me he had not been to The Lab. I then asked him if he knew it was out of someone's personal garage and he replied with: "Yes, I've heard that from some other patients before. It is quite common for people to do this business from their home." I then asked Dr. M.Scheel "Why didn't anyone at Caloosa Dental tell me I would be going to a garage?" Dr. M.Scheel just ignored my question as if I never asked it. I did not continue to press him for a proper response. Although, I do indeed agree that many businesses can be run out of someone's home I wholeheartedly believe it was unprofessional at best for Caloosa Dental / Dr. M.Scheel, DMD, MS, Prosthodontist to not tell me I was going to a residence and my mouth would be worked on in someone's personal garage. NOTE: Even the Office Manager did not know they were sending patients to a garage!

DI Rating 8.3


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Anonymous
on January 12, 2018

Do not go to this Dentist. He does not stand behind his work. I will be placing a complaint with the Florida Dental Association. Once he is paid he does not take your calls and his staff is rude and condesendig.

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