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By: Jeremy Brosnan
on October 7, 2015

I had a Engine in warranty from LKQ, these guys were to install its replacement.. They told me done in a few days, ok... I went there and noticed when the engine was taken out they carelessly left my AC dangling and did not remove it to install new engine. No big deal till you understand the rest.. this is a cheap way to not refill system and do it right... After going to get my car when they said it was done I Notice AC didn't work and wrong Coolant added to Radiator. ( cannot use regular Green... Yellow Ford required ) Then I say I will come get it when they fix the AC, they tell me hours later its the PCM..( Computer ) well OK you guys shorted it out, the only thing wrong was a Valve Rattle, now this?? After 2 days with LKQ saying they are going to send a inspector I drove past and noticed my Mirrors Loose (broken ) on BOTH SIDES!! I am ANAL when it comes to my car I bought New in 2007.. this was enough, I took it home.. I had enough... They forgot 4 bolts, 2 in wrong spot, One Digging into Power Steering Rack, Power steering Bottle Cracked on Bottom from a Poor removal and hid the fact it was cracked on the lower nipple and the AC system they claimed did not hold R-134a because they DID remove the AC later and LOST the O-Rings when they filled it, it leaked.. and they SHORTED the AC Protective Diode.. IT WAS NOT THE PCM.. this place MIGHT be good for a Oil Change if you tell them how to do it, but that's all.. Telling me How Do we know you didn't bring it in here like this... BAHAHAHA, a back yard weekend mechanic was able to figure out they were unskilled for the task.. I will make sure with a HUGE online review on EVERY Review site that this place is NOT the place to take a Car... or a peddle bike for that matter.. I replaced the o-rings, pulled the diode and got the ac working after I vacuumed it and refilled, what armatures.. I guess I got to go to ford, spend $80 on a new Power steering Bottle and tell LKQ to send me the money.. When they first got my car knowing it was under warranty from LKQ they tried to get me to pay them the other $45 per hour on top of the $55 an hour they were getting under warranty... I told them do not touch it until I contact LKQ, they tried to scam me out of $45 an hour x12 hours.... I am not stupid.. LKQ should have pulled it out right there and then, but no.. they agreed to do it for the $55 an hour, but the skill these guys have isn't worth Minimum wage.. P.S. I sent a review to the website run by them, they didnt add it... I guess they want just the Positive Reviews.. UpdateL 7/29/12 Since I first Posted this Review I have found more bolts loose and my Alternator was Loose, the wires were shorting and Arced so bad I needed a new Alternator. LKQ Paid for it... and Bought me a New $130 Power Steering Bottle that Doctor Auto Cracked, After fixing over 12 things they missed I am shocked these guys are in business. • • •

DI Rating 9.6


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Barbara Wagner
on January 9, 2019

Dr. Lee was very good. I am not a fan of dentists but he put me at ease and did a great job. Because I wear a partial plate he told me if I had an issue with fit to come back right away. I tried but could not get in for 2 days. Now I\'m stuck with a problem chewing for 2 days.

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