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By: Phillip Kang
on August 12, 2015

Absolutely reprehensible service. I was eligible to have a cavity filled for free by having a student dentist use my teeth for their exam. They also found a tooth eligible for root canal surgery while the tooth was still stable in my gums. However, the quality of service I've experienced from these student dentists have been an absolute disgrace to dentistry. The first student doctor transferred me over to another student doctor because she would rather perform on her boyfriend. The second student doctor constantly assured me that he would take care of my teeth,but made we wait 8 hours in a waiting room only to have operated on a different person. He then assured me again that he would take care of my teeth over the course of 2 months, but then stopped responding to my texts. It turned out that he left campus and never bothered to reschedule me to another dentist. I am currently on my third student dentist, 6 months after the initial assignment, awaiting surgery. The tooth eligible for root canal has now completely rotted away, and I've been informed that extraction is now necessary. This means hundreds of dollars out of my own pocket because of the negligence of this dental school. I've now been deferred yet again because apparently the dental school is now closed and will reopen next month. If an institution such as this is supposed to produce qualified dentists, then I am shocked at the lack of focus on the most important aspect of dentistry: the patient.

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