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DI Rating 9.1


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Patient Reviews

By: Terri B
on October 21, 2015

I have been moving around to a variety of dentists in the area for the last few years based on our insurance. I was pleased with how thorough I felt the cleanings were. They were fairly quick, less talking the better. I was also pleased with the work that was done on myself. I do not take Novocaine and the dentist was pretty cooperative and very very little pain. What my low review is based on their experience or lack there of in dealing with children. My youngest, 7 years old, was in for a cleaning, cavities were found and a treatment plan was discussed. I was told along with my son listening, these fillings are surface only and will NOT be needing Novocaine. My son and I were very comfortable and excited to continue our treatment plan and get these taken care of. Next time I went in, I was told not to come into room that my son, would be fine and this would be a quick visit. Skeptical, but wanting my children to be independent, I let them take my child alone in the room. I then hear my son screaming, I got up and was assured, he is ok, I stood there and waited calming myself down. About 10 min son comes out and tells me that he was lied to and they gave him the shot. HOW TRAUMATIZING! I am furious as how they handled this and will NOT refer anyone for pediatric dental work and will be sharing my experience. THEN...they called 1 week prior to MY cleaning, I cancelled and they never recorded it. I get a call the day prior to confirm appt and I said I cancelled it 1 week ago, THEN get a bill for $75 cancelled withing 48 hours! UGHHHH!! I am done with this office. Time to move on.

DI Rating 5.9


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Ralph
on February 25, 2017

Amazingly knowledgeable, caring and passionate dentist! I recently had two crowns completed by Dr. Grider in one sitting, and she walked me through every step, insuring I was comfortable and understood the \"why\" behind what she was doing. She also has a great personality which helped the 3 hours in her chair fly by!

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