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By: Alan Ireland
on August 4, 2016

I have been going to Dr MacNaughton for close 20 years. With regular twice per year exams and cleanings, I am proud to say I am on the list of smiles that make a dentist proud. I usually only need Yolanda's cleaning services with a quick check by the doc for good measure. Yolanda's bedside manner makes it easy to be comfortable in the chair. She is knowledgeable and gentle in her craft and uses warm water and a soft air gun on me while going through the cleaning portion of my exam as my teeth are sensitive. She also gives me fair warning and notice of the necessity of bite wing and full x-rays so I can plan for the expense with my health savings account as I have no dental insurance. This most recent visit, she even pointed out some minor changes to my teeth and gums and made a recommendation that I have time to access, track progression and consider a proactive approach for long-term dental health. Dr MacNaughton is always very accurate and skilled in the dental progression and has been great about making investments in tools and technology for his practice. He recently purchased a computerized light with a magnifying eye lens on it that attaches to a computer on the ceiling that the patient can view. I could literally see what the doc was seeing and he was able to go through and pin point exactly the couple of small areas of concern that he noted. They are things that he isn't exactly pleased with but told me I can live with for a few more years before becoming a liability. This process is very transparent and you can see the care and attention that Dr MacNaughton has for perfection. The entire team is always supportive of a planned and proactive approach for long-term health which for me has been limited to routine preventative maintenance. While this has allowed me to save money (I have no insurance) by delaying frequency of x-rays and avoid costly procedures and other expenses, it has given all of us reasons to smile. And thus the goal of a dentist.

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