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By: Jim Chee
on September 17, 2015

I first went to Dr. Chauvin's office via a Living Social deal. I found her staff helpful, friendly, easily accommodated my request to have my x-rays emailed to me. Dr. Chauvin examined my teeth and she (not a hygienist) was the one who cleaned my teeth. It was the best cleaning I'd ever had! I was impressed. Six months to a year later, because of that great service, I went back. This time a hygienist cleaned my teeth, and honestly it seemed like she was new to the job, and didn't do a very good job. Dr. Chauvin also promoted a service (a crown) that I didn't think I needed. I was disappointed. The real issue was with how this office bungled my insurance. I paid for the visit and should have been reimbursed for it by my insurance. When that didn't happen, I called the dental office. They'd not sent the claim to the right address (despite having made a copy of my card with the address on it). So they sent it again. A few weeks past, and still not getting reimbursed, I call my insurance. They'd sent payment to the dental office. So a) the dental office should have designated the money go to ME not them, b) enough weeks had passed after they'd received payment that the dental office should have call me or mailed me a check. When I called the dental office they did then mail me a check. This all happened about a year ago. I can hope they've made improvements since then.

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