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DI Rating 4.3


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: jtw886
on March 22, 2017

Dr. Cain will bring you lots of Pain. I went here last year because at the time I was on BadgerCare... big mistake on my part for not looking at all the negative reviews this guy has. I came here because one of my bottom teeth was starting to hurt. I suspected it was a cavity. After my initial exam I was told I had cavities on my upper teeth as well my bottom teeth. I was expecting to be told, yes you have one cavity (where the tooth was hurting) but that was not the case. I've never had problems with my teeth, especially cavities. But I made the mistake of trusting this dentist. I found out recently from a co-worker who went to this dentist that he too after an exam, had lots of cavities when he never had a history of having them... pretty suspicious to me. I had to make another appointment to get the bottom tooth dealt with, because he was too busy to fill it. When I came back, He wanted to fill the upper cavities first and wanted to do the bottom ones at a later date. I explained that I my bottom tooth was hurting bad and I wanted that done first, not the upper ones at this time. He kept saying that he could not do both the upper and bottoms ones today and that he had no time. I tried to explain once more, but this was met with the same response. He asked are we going to do this or not and I said no. I ended up back at the receptionist desks and she said that Thomas had said that I was no longer welcome back. I was quite perplexed because I had stayed calm during my interaction with him. I was very surprised with how I was treated, and later in the day the receptionist called me back and apologized and said that Thomas's brother Timothy who is also a dentist could fill the cavity. I agreed since it was still hurting and I had no other dentist to go to. I ended up getting all the cavities filled and to this day they still hurt whenever anything hot or cold touches them. I am not sure how these guys are still business to this day, they need to be shut down.

DI Rating 5.9


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Anonymous
on May 7, 2018

The receptionists at both the beloit and Janesville office are horrible they are so rude I would never ever recommend this place to anyone.

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