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1101 Gleneagles Dr SW,
Huntsville, AL 35801
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By: Changing dentists :)
on November 28, 2022

I\'ve been going to John Nosti for over three years now. From the very beginning, he has been trying to sell me on extra services every time I try to go in for a routine cleaning. My teeth have been in great shape and I\'ve never had any cavities. I\'ve refused his additional services, and the last visit he told me that I really needed these services because my gum health has declined. This is complete BS because he was already trying to sell me on these exact same services 3 years ago when he apparently said my gums were doing great. He accidentally flipped through my \"patient notes\" in front of me. All pertaining to my personal information when looking through my files. It notes from our conversations about my family and occupation. It just shows that these are his tactics to win over trust from clients. A dentist who is operating purely on the facts in front of them wouldn\'t need to rely on these tactics.

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