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Houston, TX 77055
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Castle Dental Dentists

DI Rating 5.6


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Joey T.
on December 22, 2016

All the king's horses and all the king's men Couldn't put This Castle Dentist together again. Aweful service. I would speak on the actual work. The front...

DI Rating 4.8


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

on January 8, 2020

Castle dental at Fry and I10 nearby Target, No good. Messed up all my teeth. There was a dental assistant who told me she is from Mexico and she was a doctor there, spoke so pleasantly but was watching the tv while holding the infrared lights on my tongue instead of tooth. simce I corrected her she start manipulating the dentist to spoil my teeth. i saw her rolling her eyes . The dentist at the time was singing and doing his work on my teeth. I will never suggest anyone to go there. Another dentist office you don't want to trust i Harrison and bethke. These people have no remorse for the wrong doings. He removed my cap unnecessary and filled with some temporary stingy stuff , my mouth was smelling like shit and I was running like headless chicken to take it off and not able to trust any doctors with these kind of expeirence in the past with castle and harrison. So embarassing to even think a dentist will do that. Word of mouth is very powerful. When a client coming to you office ,its a God's gift, he is sending to you for your business and you should appreciate that they are coming to you from all these dentist in the world, so please treat them with dignity. If you don't know to serve , just say so, better than ruining their life. These kind of dentist are shame to the entire dentist network. When you have bad exerience with dentist please say so somewhere so you can help others. Explain what happend.

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