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By: Kerri OBrien
on February 15, 2017

It seems like just yesterday I walked into Dr. Brennan’s office. I remember driving there feeling so hopeless, just praying that something would give. All of the dental professionals I have already visited just never seemed to click. This made me not have much faith in them. At this point I was 22 years old wearing a flipper (false removal teeth). This was due to a bicycle accident. I needed extensive dental work, you name it I needed it. All I wanted was my smile back. After meeting Dr. Brennan for five minutes I knew she was the right person for my case. She was so personable and knowledgeable. I left her office feeling something I hadn’t felt in a very long time, hope. Dr. Brennan and I became very close as time went on. Dr. Brennan and I spent several visits just talking and planning. She made it a point to ask me exactly what I wanted my end result to look like. I said, “Dr. Brennan, I want a million dollar smile, I want my teeth to be so white they glow in the dark and people think I am a movie star.” At this point yes I was being a smidge over the top, but sometimes you just have to want to want. As months passed and she continued to work hard on my case with dedication, Dr. Brennan urged me to whiten my teeth in office and at home. She explained to me that having bridge work match natural teeth makes a huge difference in achieving a natural looking smile. After several in office whitening treatments and religiously whitening my teeth at home, we finally reached a color goal. I still remained adamant about having the whitest smile ever. Dr. Brennan sent me to her lab in Andover Ma to have a shade selected. She wanted to be 100% sure that the color choice was going to be perfect. I can’t say enough things about Dr. Brennan’s dedication to my case, my personal needs and most importantly to me, as her patient. She went above and beyond and continuously impressed me every step of the way. Finally the day came that my case was finished and I could finally have my finished product. Dr. Brennan cemented my new teeth and then asked me to stand up and look in the mirror. I remember standing there thinking “this is not real”. I was at a loss for words at how amazing my smile looked . For anybody that knew be growing up I never smiled. I was so self conscious of my appearance that I always put my hand over my mouth when I laughed. I hated pictures. I used to look through magazines of famous people and dream about having their smile. Walking out of Dr. Brennan’s office the day my case was complete was one of the best days of my life. Saying I felt like one of those famous people from the magazines is an understatement, I felt better. I will never be able to thank Dr. Brennan enough for all that she has done for me. My entire life my dream was to be able to smile and not be embarrassed. Since the day I left her office I literally can’t stop smiling and I LOVE it. I jump in every picture. Dr. Brennan is the simply the best. When you think something is impossible she is the one, the only one who will prove you wrong. Because of Dr. Brennan I get to smile everyday with confidence. I get to have my picture taken and feel beautiful. Most importantly, I get to tell people, yes dreams do come true. Dr. Breannan is not only the reason I smile every day, but the reason I get to be me again. And after all in a world where you can be anything sometimes all you want to be is yourself.

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