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By: Zara K.
on May 22, 2017

So recently I did write a pretty disappointing review with this practice that I deleted it later. It was a leap of faith. I have been a patient there for 8 years and I a m not happy writing bad reviews but they deserve every bit of it I also discussed them with a friend and was told they regularly force patients in unnecessary procedures like gum surgery -better, stronger base for the crown. So anyway...No discussing of costs or that fact that I was leaving for a 8 weeks, they start doing a crown. Before I can say anything my tooth was stripped and I was stuck with them doing my crown. Simple molar crown porcelain fused noble metal not root canal will set you back $1690.00. And I have to postpone my 8 week trip. As for their work hope the crown lasts 10-15 years as its supposed to or close. They have done my filling $350-450 didn't last very long 2 years.PS I have a shooting pain around the new crown. Hopefully just an irritated nerve - the worse $1700 down the drain, removal of the crown, root canal and a new one if possible. And they might have damaged the crown next to it. So stay away from them. They will just blame you, take no responsibility for their work and threaten to sue you!

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