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By: Bobbisu S
on September 25, 2018

This dentist should not be allowed to practice dentistry!!! He is a barbarian! My granddaughter went to him with extreme pain from an infection and several cavities. As the others have said, he is rude and cold and denies that you are experiencing pain while he is working on you. He NEVER took an x-ray of her teeth, but instead, after ineffectively deadening her mouth, began drilling and filling her cavities. She never felt any relief from the pain, so a month later she went back. I went with her. Without even examining her, he told her that she had an absess and would need antibiotics. The problem with that diagnosis was that he was looking at the wrong side of her mouth when he made it. He looked dirty and unkempt and never washed his hands or put gloves on before he stuck his dirty, grimy hands in her mouth. Then, after being told he was in error, he found the teeth he had worked on before and began tapping on it repeatedly with his steel instrument, which caused her excruciating pain. Then, he took out a drill and actually started drilling on a tooth WITHOUT ANY ANESTHESIA!!!!!!!!!! When she protested, he started telling her what a sissy she was and that it couldn't possibly hurt that much. I asked if he had x-rays from her first visit and he said he didn't need any x-rays because he could see what the problem was with his own two eyes. When I started questioning his methods, he became very loud and agitated and asked me where I went to dental school. At that point, we got up and left. I took her to another dentist who found that she had actually needed an extraction of one tooth that was broken, but that this dentist had put a filling in anyway. It also had a bad infection. After x-rays were taken, they also discovered that he had actually invaded the root canals on two of her front teeth so that the fillings he placed there were actually sitting on her nerve root!!!!!!!!!!!! She now has an infection in those teeth that has actually invaded her sinus cavities. Now, she is facing root canals on both teeth plus taking more antibiotics for the infection that she got from his unhygenic practice of not washing his hands between patients or wearing gloves. I am preparing to file a complaint with the American Dental Association against him as well as hiring a lawyer for a law suit. This man is NO DENTIST and needs to have his license revoked. I urge you to avoid this dentist at ALL costs! I also urge those of you who have been injured or treated unprofessionally by him to contact the American Dentistry Association and file a complaint against this imposter! If the ADA gets enough complaints, they may be able to do something about stopping this animal from causing any more pain and suffering for the people who come to him for care......which is something that you will not find in his office!!!!!

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