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By: Bruce Fanger
on October 6, 2015

The first visit was great ... Even though my filling fell back out again Eric fixed it again without charging. My cleaning i had here was one of the most painful things i have ever encountered . I was gripping the seat the whole time. It felt like the woman doing the cleaning was sabotaging my teeth by scraping all the enamel off. It was actually shortly after my cleaning at this dentist that my teeth started 'falling apart' . i have had alot of dental cleanings in my life, nothing ever like what i experienced here. I had cracked a tooth and i was told I needed a root canal , Eric was all about popping off my existing filling and starting the work regardless of whether or not I could afford it ($3600) . once I explained to him that there was no way I could afford it at the moment he promptly excused himself with a "I'll be right back" ... He never came back . instead some other odd looking Asian? Dentist came into the room with the same excitement about doing a root canal on me. Again , I explained I could not afford it and he too excused himself with a "I'll be right back" in which he never came back. I really tried to like this place too. It made me sad knowing I was just another $ sign to a couple hotshot dentists and once those $ signs went away they just let the receptionist collect my money and scoot me out the door. The receptionist was very friendly.

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