Dr. Marie Hooshmand, DDS

Dr. Marie Hooshmand, DDS

General Dentistry in Sterling, VA

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21165 Whitfield Pl Ste 101,
Sterling, VA 20165
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Verified Patient Reviews

by Angela I On 22 December 2016

Extremely professional Doctor who provides patients with excellent work. Staff is also friendly and welcoming.

by WM On 22 December 2016

I have known Dr. Hooshmand for many, many years. She is an excellent dentist who is thorough, professional and caring. After extensive examination she makes her recommendations and thoroughly explains all procedures in detail. Her current staff is excellent and one of the best both personally and professionally. Best of all, her scheduling is handled very well.

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

I will not be going back to Dr. Hooshmand. I strongly feel that she is more interested in maximizing revenue than in providing balanced advice. She told me that although I didn't need a crown yet she recommended one. After the visit I received a call every month asking if I wanted to schedule the crown until I told them not to call anymore.When I asked her if she sold teeth whitener and when I went to check out, a tube was waiting for me and the receptionist added it to my bill without asking.

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

She's not a very nice person.

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

There are plenty of professional dentists in the area. Dr. Hooshmand would benefit from doing an internship with one for at least a year.

by James P On 8 November 2016

A friendly, caring practice. I feel Dr Hooshmand and her staff really care about me.

by Mary Ray On 7 November 2016

I've been seeing Dr. Hooshmand for years and I love coming to her office! She's extremely professional and friendly and has wonderful staff. I would highly recommend her office to anyone looking for a dentist!

by Anonymous On 13 October 2016

Been seeing Doctor Hooshmand for many year and I recommend her highly to everyone. She is extremely caring and nice. She takes time to explain treatment options and the benefits of having the treatment versus waiting till things fall apart and leaves the discussion up to me. No pressure. I have always been comfortable with her treatment and her recommendations. I feel she has my best interest at heart therefor I trust her recommendations and recommend her to everyone.

by Lacy Johnson On 11 February 2015

Dr. Hooshmand is so awesome and I love her staff. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Their team has been great with helping me take care of my dental health during my orthodontic treatment and they are flexible with appointment times so I can schedule around my hectic work schedule. Dr. H genuinely cares about my smile and the health of my teeth, and I completely trust her to give me the best care possible. I would definitely recommend this dental office to family and friends.

by Mich Eric On 19 January 2015

Dr. Hooshmand and her entire staff are great. They are very professional, friendly, and caring. We have never had an issues with our treatment and dental care over the 10+ years. Definitely makes going to the dentist less of a dreaded experience.

by Javere Green On 19 January 2015

This place is amazing!!!! the staff our super nice and caring! they make small talk with you when your getting your teeth cleaned or fixed. If you want a better smile, come schedule an appointment today!!

by Jonathan Woahn On 31 October 2014

Stay away - they'll try to milk your insurance and your pocketbook for all you're worth. The actual experience was great, very friendly staff, Dr Hooshmand was nice, but the results were unbelievable. I'd gone to the dentist a year prior - 0 cavities. Came here, and they found 10 cavities and recommended 2 crowns. Nothing had changed in my dental habits - I brush twice daily with a medium stiffness brush, and floss nightly. I don't drink anything besides water and milk, and I eat very little sugar. I was incredulous. Immediately they started talking insurance requirements, payment plans, and insurance limits and how I needed to get something scheduled ASAP because their calendar filled up quickly. Because I had so much work that needed to be done (my copay was limited to $3k annually), I should figure out how to get the most work done this year, and then carry the other work to the next year. I said I'd need to think about it, and ran to get out of there. After I inquiring around, I found another local dentist that was recommended by my father in law. They needed me to bring my X-rays, which is another experience unto itself. Short story is that Dr Hooshmand uses film X-rays, physical copies, and charge $30 for them. For reference - most everyone else does digital these days, and provide them for free. The dentist is up in Leesburg, but 110% worth the drive. I got up there, they said they couldn't use my X-rays because they're were too poor quality, but they took some digital ones for free. After getting a consultation, they told me that I definitely had 2 cavities that needed attention, and the crowns would be necessary one day in the future, but that day wasn't today (likely within the next 10 years). From 10 cavities, 2 crowns, and $5k of dental work on a payment plan over two years down to 2 cavities, 0 crowns, and $100 of dental work I can actually afford - any questions why I say "stay away"? Good luck!

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